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Insight for the twin systems attack

Twin Podiums

As I was installing a fire alarm system in a hospital standing on a ladder I noticed which a crowd experienced gathered around a television set inside the lobby. These were watching terrorist attack for the World Twain Towers. At that, moment because did I our Country learned a painful lesson about September 11, 2001 when members of the Al-Qaeda hijacked three commercial airplanes. Two planes stepped through the Wtc, leaving simply the remains to be of the flattened towers, eradicating thousands of faithful people. The 3rd plane stepped through the Government killing more innocent persons. In addition , the past crashed 85 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Al- Qaeda is a well- knows global terrorist network that originated from Islam and led by the slave named Osama bin Laden. (Korb, 2003) These terrorist attacks 10 years ago.

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American dirt is not really immune to evil or cold- blooded enemies able of unprecedented acts of mass murder and terror. New wave of terrorism, consists of new weapons, loom in Americaâs foreseeable future. It is a challenge unlike virtually any ever encountered by each of our Nation. However, we are certainly not daunted. We possess the solutions and the dedication to beat our foes and function to secure our homeland against the threats that they pose. (Franke, 2005)

As our father and mother and grandpa and grandma remember, in which they were and what they were doing when ever President John F. Kennedy shot, and so will it be with this technology when asked the same inquiries pertaining to Sept. 2010 11, 2001. This horrific event is a scar on the body of our great Nation before the end of the time. Parents shed children, kids lost parents, and spouses lost their particular heart partners. Therefore , mush anguish and emotional damage demands that something done to prevent misfortune like this from occurring later on.

This is why on March 8, 2001, President George W. Bush gave an executive order stated as follows: the power vested in me because President by Constitution and laws states of America hereby instructions it purchased as follows: section 1 . Institution, I hereby establish in the Executive Workplace of the Leader an Office of Homeland Security (the Office) to head the Assistant to the President for Homeland Secureness. (Relyea, 2003) The 1st director of the Office of Homeland Security is a Pennsylvanian Republican, Governor Tom Ridge. On Nov 25, the President George W. Rose bush signed the bill creating a new Department of Homeland Protection. ((n. d. ), Learning to be a Homeland Security Professional, 2007). On January 20, 2009, the United states senate confirmed Barack Obamas scheduled appointment of Janet Napolitano to be the third Secretary of Homeland Security. To assure a smooth changeover however , Michael Chertoff was asked not to resign until the morning of January 21, 2009.

The creation of the Office of Homeland Security (DHS) is the most significant transformation of the U. T. government as 1947, once President Harry S. Truman merged, the different branches in the U. T. Armed Forces in to the Department of Defense better coordinate the nationâs protection against army threats. ((n. d. ), United States 107th Congress World wide web Archive Collection, 2002). Organising the management President Rose bush chose Texas chief Tom Shape as Admin for DHS, Gordon Great britain as Deputy Secretary. Asidor Hutchinson became Secretary to get Border and Transportation Secureness, and Janet Hale, below Secretary to get Management. Jordan Brown as Under Secretary of Crisis Preparedness and Response, Eduardo Aguirre Jr., as Acting Director of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Solutions. Dr . Charles E. McQueary as Under Secretary intended for Science and Technology, Clark simon Kent Ervin as Inspector General, Robert C. Bonner as Commissioner of Customs and Boundary Protection, Paul D. Whitley as General Counsel in the Department of Homeland Secureness. President Rose bush was in workplace. ((n. g. ), United states of america 107th Our elected representatives Web Archive Collection, 2002). The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a cupboard department states federal government, made in response for the September eleven attacks, device primary required protecting the territory with the U. S. from terrorist attacks and responding to all-natural disasters. In FY 2010, it was allotted a budget of $42. 7 billion and spent, net, $56. some billion.

DHS symbolizes a similar loan consolidation, both in style and compound. In the consequences of the terrorist attacks against America about September eleven, 2001, Leader George W. Bush made the decision 22 previously disparate domestic agencies must be coordinated into one department to guard the nation against threats to the homeland. The agencies scheduled to become section of the Department of Homeland Secureness will be housed in one of four major directorates, Border and Transportation Reliability, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Science and Technology, and Information Evaluation and Infrastructure Protection, Administration, Coast Guard, Secret Service, Citizenship and Immigration Services. ((n. g. ), Iraq War, the year 2003 Web Store Collection, 2003).

The brand new departments initially priority is usually to protect area against even more terrorist problems. Component companies will examine threats and intelligence, protect our region and airport terminal, protect each of our critical system, and put together the response of our country for upcoming emergencies. Besides providing a better-coordinated defense from the homeland, DHS is also specialized in protecting the rights of American citizens and enhancing community services, such as natural devastation assistance and citizenship solutions, by saving offices to these important missions. (Relyea, 2003).

The many men and women who also daily guard our borders and protect our region are focused on the safety of our homeland. The newest Department can help them perform their careers better with increased communication, dexterity and solutions. Specifically, the modern Department of Homeland Reliability (DHS) could have three main missions. Stop terrorist disorders within the Us, reduce Unites states vulnerability to terrorism, and minimize the damage from potential attacks and natural catastrophes. ((n. d. ), Learning to be a Homeland Reliability Professional, 2007)

In order to attain these three goals the newest Department can focus on creating the new capacities discussed in the July 2002 National Method for Homeland Security. The approach points out that today no-one single authorities agency provides homeland security as its major mission. In fact , responsibilities to get homeland protection are distributed among much more than 100 different government businesses. America requires a single, single homeland reliability structure that will improve prevention of todayâs risks and be flexible enough to help meet the unidentified threats for the future. (Relyea, 2003).

The modern Department of Homeland Secureness, will change and realign the current puzzling patchwork of government activities into a single department. DHS will give condition and local officials one main contact instead of many, a crucial advantage with regards to matters associated with training, products, planning, physical exercises and other critical homeland protection needs. It will manage grant from the federal government porgrams pertaining to enhancing the preparedness of firefighters, police, and crisis medical employees. DHS will likely set specifications for express and local readiness activities and equipment. (Relyea, 2003)

The would is promoting sincs Sept. 2010 11, 2001. We continue to be a land at risk to terrorist episodes and will remain at risk for the near future. At all Threat Condition, we must remain cautious, prepared, and ready to deter terrorist attacks. The subsequent Threat Conditions each symbolize an increasing risk of terrorist attacks. Beneath every Threat Condition are some suggested Low Protective Measures, spotting that the brain of National departments and agencies are in charge of for producing and applying appropriate agency-specific Protective Actions. (Relyea, 2003)

Todays terrorist can reach at any place, whenever you want, and using a wide variety of weapons. The most immediate terrorist danger to America is the Approach Qaeda network. Our Country will prosecute our battle with these terrorists till they are routed from the The planet. But we could not permit our protect down following we eliminate Al Qaeda. The terrorist threat to America usually takes many varieties, has many locations to hide, and is often invisible. (Korb, 2003) Our Country made concentrate on of certainly not worrying about terrorism enough before. We can never make sure that we have conquered all of our terrorist enemies, and thus we can never again allow ourself to become overconfident about the safety of our homeland. Now America needs to study from that problem on 9/11 and look on the future. Dissent is at the core of Americanism. It truly is how we became a country in the 1770s. It can be what distinguishes us by many other countries. I call it freedom. I enjoy our freedom, and can praise an immutable God anyways I choose to. I maintain freedom special to me, With liberty and justice for allâ is exactly what we claim every time we Pledge Devotedness to the flag, which also means to our beliefs. It is a means of renewing each of our vows.

For the past 15 years?nternet site have work as a Tech specializing in large security systems, SECURITY CAMERA, Voice and Data, and Fiber Optic for international airport, hospital, and commercial structures. The terrorist attack that killed people who worked in both systems of the World Twain Towers, The heroes whom went down in Pittsburgh, and military and non army personnel inside the Pentagon. Let me never forget the hundreds of recovery workers which include fire practitioners, and law enforcement officers were slain, in their daring attempt to save people through the burning buildings on 9/11. It brought on me to provide serious thought to how I can use my particular set of abilities in the protection of our Country. That is why Choice to dursue a career in Homeland Secureness.

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