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Identifying the most efficient sociological theory

Theory, Legal Law, Emile Durkheim, Lawbreaker Behavior

Excerpt from Dissertation:

Set of sociological ideas

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A representative report on the sociological theories of crime discussed by Hagan (2017) comes with the following:

1) Anomie theory by Emile Durkheim;

2) General Strain Theory by Robert Agnew;

3) Gear Opportunity theory;

4) Albert Cohens lower-class reaction theory; and

5) David Matzas delinquency and drift theory (Hagan, 2017).

Selection of five sociological hypotheses ranked in order of most successful to least effective

The five sociological theories in the above list are placed in order of the very most effective to least successful in Stand 1 under.

Table you

Sociological theories ranked most beneficial to least effective (descending order)

Sociological theory


Differential Prospect theory

one particular

Anomie theory


Standard Strain Theory by Robert Agnew


David Matzas delinquency and drift theory


Albert Cohens lower-class reaction theory


Research of the most successful sociological theory of offense

The rationale in support of the search positions set forth in Table one particular above is discussed in brief below.

1 ) Differential Chance theory: Since the identity connotes, this pragmatic theory holds that folks achieve their very own goals through legal or illegal means based on their societal status and overarching need for survival regardless of the criminality involved in their behaviors (Zafar Gul, 2016). In amount, among the above-listed theories, differential box opportunity theory represents the very best theory of crime.

2 . Anomie theory: Based on their sensitivity to cultural mechanics, this theory provides a valuable framework through which to approximate the impact of low self-control for criminal behaviors within a larger social context. Additionally , anomie theorys view that the degree where the ability to constrain aggression leads to criminal behaviours is related to the amount to which extreme behaviors happen to be contrary to applicable cultural ideals and best practice rules as stated in legal law is additionally highly relevant for modern sociological examines (Goode, 2008).

3. Basic Strain Theory by Robert Agnew: This kind of theory keeps that anger emerges in young people in those circumstances where they will externalize the responsibility for their life condition to other factors (such as their parents, educators, socioeconomic status). Consequently , to the level that teenagers engage in this kind of externalization procedure will likely be the extent where they become sufficiently angry to lash out against culture through criminal acts (Hoffmann Spence, 2010).

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