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How vampirism is portrayed in dracula by stoker

Vampires happen to be creatures which might be believed to prey on flesh bloodstream of living things and especially humans. From the books, vampires evolved from dead people and came back to life with additional powers than them which makes them super humans. To understand vampires’ evolution, diverse myths had been developed across the globe. Ancient Persia recorded their very own first history as most Greek and Roman myths attempted to expound further on their development. In the background recordings, vampire were portrayed as enormous creatures who have struggled with human beings to feed on their blood.

They further differed with individual in that; that they could not era or agreement diseases. All their immunity to diseases averted them attacks from individuals when they provided on their skin and blood. Although many record recordings argued on traditional history, generally there existed some modern ghosts that premoere appearance in The european union. In contrast, myths also registered a different group of vampires in whose origin was not from deceased human beings but with temporal métamorphose between individuals and vampire.

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This category included blood thirsty goddesses, who were labeled as Stinges, Lamiae and Empusae that fed in blood at times.


Vampirism can be explained as the act of nourishing on skin and blood of living things other than vampire. When nourishing the blood of human beings, vampire bite the victims’ neck of the guitar sucking away large volumes of prints of bloodstream. Through the neck and throat biting, they can injure the carotid artery, which is the artery that transports bloodstream to the human brain hence paralyzing the victim and slurping the whole blood. Vampirism is certainly a idea of one increasing supernatural power and nourishing on individuals blood inside the folklore and popular lifestyle.

Stoker tried to expound about vampires by utilizing them because characters in his book Dracula. In this publication, Dracula, who is a goule, is the main character. The author explained how the vampire had resided for many years, which was atypical to get a normal human being. Similarly, Richard Matheson publication was completely outclassed by vampires who were produced by infusion of infections. Although people could be infected with vampirism virus, Matheson brings out the nature of defenses where one of his personas Robert Neville never contracted vampirism inspite of being contaminated. He was immune to the disease though he previously unique human being characteristics such as blond frizzy hair and blue eyes. Matheson described Neville as an educated medical investigator who focused on the exploration on vampirism only to find out that his blood was infected although immune for the virus.

Vampires inside the Text

Stoker used several vampire characters to construct his book history. Dracula, the most dominant vampire in the tale was referred to as the full by different characters just like Van Heslin. He was incredibly powerful and he may control characteristics as well as living creatures including wild animals. Additionally , Dracula has the capacity to incarnate to a bat, werewolf and change his victims in to vampires through infections. His ability to hypnotize his victims gave him control over all of them and avoided being damage by others. Despite his powerful characteristics, Dracula had a number of weaknesses as explained herein. His powers had been limited by reflecting him in reflective items such as magnifying mirrors. This was proved when Jonathan tried to reflect his graphic on a waxing mirror. He lost his powers and became weak for the extent penalized controlled simply by another person. Stoker emphasized in the book, regardless of the weakness, it was hard to totally destroy Dracula. More weak points emerged since holy symbols and garlic clove repelled him and his rest was for the fate of ancestors as well as the native terrain. He did not have capacity to cross lake, which water was next unless recognized my males or the fortune of the water. This showed how he could be controlled or destroyed in cases he started to be so hazardous.

Matheson labeled vampires in two groups, which included the dead and the living types. Similarly, while Stokers explained, he depicts vampires as being repulsive to garlic and holy symbols. For example , Christian vampires terrifying the cross as it was an indicator of holiness. Matheson described how Neville destroyed vampires by subjecting them to sun rays, inflicting significant wounds and staking associated with wooden spike.

Assessment between the Two Works

Both authors known garlic and religious icons as repellant to vampires. For example , Ruth recoiled strongly when Neville handed garlic clove over her in Matheson book and Dracula the moment dining with Jonathan avoided feeding upon garlic. In both text messaging, vampires depended on skin and bloodstream as their main food that strengthened them. For example , Dracula in the first paragraph nearly attacks Jonathan when he reduces himself. Vampires are represented feeding on blood by Matheson and he uses the phrase blood desire to emphasize on the need of blood.

Irrational belief is also another theme that was referred to in both books. Chasser explained just how Van Helsing and Seward followed the garlic superstitions from the aged country where they were thought to ward off spirits by protecting themselves simply by them. Faith based symbols just like bread and cross displayed Christ wonderful Body (stoker 123). Despite Neville’s ability to destroy vampire, he even now used garlic herb to protect him self strengthening the theme of superstitions in the textual content. Both experts described vampirism as transmittable from vampires to normal persons. People who made it attack by vampires were infected through bites and insects. For instance , Neville was infected by simply vampirism fantastic immune capability prevented him from alteration to vampire.

In the two books, ghosts appeared to be opponents of the usual people. In I Was a Story, the human race was minor as most of those were ruined and murdered by ghosts. Moreover, Neville struggles with vampires and kill almost all of his incurs at nights. Stoker explained how Helsing had lived wishing to conquer and destroy the Dracula and just how people constantly warned him and Jonathan against close association together with the monster Dracula. The conspiracy, fights, and killings among vampires and the normal individuals is an evidence of enmity between the two races.

In both ebooks, vampires’ body system circulations were totally different from those of regular human beings. For instance , when Neville killed a female vampire pertaining to research in Matheson’s book, he located that her body comprised rows of salt and self defense mixed precisely the same ratios (Matheson 60). Similarly, Stoker described how vampirism victims wasn’t able to be transfused with blood from usual people and their fate was solely in supernatural forces to recover them.

However both catalogs described contrasting characters on vampire and discussed under. Vampires explained by Stoker were difficult to destroy and kill and were just destabilized by refection. About contrary, ghosts described simply by Matheson had been easily wiped out by exposure of sunlight and imposition of twisted that were secured. According to stoker, ghosts were resulting from the work with supernatural bad spirits that have been connected to dead. In contrast, Matheson wrote that vampires had been created simply by infusion of microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. Matheson described the evolution and development of vampire as accelerating. That is, that they grew coming from young to strong animals that mutated at some factors and they may spend some times under the sun. Stoker referred to vampires’ expansion as retrogressive, growing via old fragile creature to young strong creature through feeding of blood. Stoker work was based on religious beliefs and his main purpose was to enhance and bring back religious faith inside the society. This individual did this by setting up a scenario in which vampires who were believed to be bad became scared of holy symbols and supreme powers.

It was learnt in the text that, vampires terrifying holy waters and for that reasons people could try to avoid them. Dracula represented devil and this was expressed even more by term of his home working in london, Piccadilly. The term appears to be near to the word peccadillo “a minor offence or perhaps sin (Merriam-Webster 530). Matheson work in in contrast was not based upon spirituality. His entire publication denounces the interrelationship among God and humanity since evidenced by Neville if he did not depend on invisible creatures when aiming to destroy and kill vampires. He was more dependent on his vampire analysis, which was facilitated by his medical analysis career. Relating to technology, the dependence on invisible being looks absurd and science does not validate that. In both equally books, the concepts of vampirism show the wickedness of humankind as it is interested in termination of life and shedding of blood. This is certainly against the communities norms and values as well as the books had been written to cope with the evils.

Matheson presented vampires in his book as unique and modified permitting them to be a little more alluring to the intended customers. This was contradictory to those in Stoker’s publication where these were depicted while monsters of devil’s affiliates thus appealing to believers while the main target audience. This would help the believers prefer the mighty benefits of God that made devil afraid because evidence by simply Dracula steering clear of religious symbols. On the other hand, the point audiences pertaining to Matheson job are mainly nonbelievers as most of the characters just like Neville had been never scared of super beings or great powers. He uses the assumption that the doctoring of people affects the actual fear and what they do not really (Matheson123). Neville discovered the reflective personality of vampires in Matheson book, that was opposed to individuals described by simply Stoker (Matheson 16).

Available, I I am a Story, Neville queries a medical cure to get vampirism coming from his blood due to its defenses unique personality on vampirism. Although his initial studies to heal vampires experienced aborted, he continued to search for a solution constantly. Fortunately, he found the cure, which could depress the ghosts thirst intended for blood hence reducing their particular threats upon human beings. This is the not the case in the text message of Dracula.

Vampires in both literature appear as creatures, societies uphold their very own beliefs and norms devoid of permitting ghosts to dislike them. Regardless of the vampires being hostile to people, they battled to push the out of the contemporary society and denounced their wicked deed throughout the society through eliminating them. Society struggled to push Dracula out of the culture but his unnatural electricity defended him and the society attempts had been in vain. Their anxiety about evil state of mind prevented all of them from his attack and in turn hoped for a savior who will come because of their help. The society saw Helsing his or her savior and the belief in God. Having been a well-learned doctor who had an open head and thus was probable anyone to save them (Stoker 109).

The two ebooks targeted the evils inside the society by simply addressing all of them and trying to create people closer to a substantial being, The almighty. Perhaps, the society was full of evils at the time of writing and so it had been necessary to talk about the issues through text. It can also be assumed that, people applied texts or perhaps books to master most of the things in the communities and thus there were need to utilize the medium to communicate entirely to the people. Through the fact that Christianity (Church) was evident in the text messaging, the creators revolved their very own writings around it acknowledging God because the guard of people from all sources of evils such as vampire in the book contemporary society. The persons were shielded by spiritual artifacts that was evidenced by own religious signs by Helsing had faith based items just like holy oceans, which helped to protect the society by evils. Matheson described Neville as having tattoo of the cross which usually served since vampire water-proof thus to some degree having faith based beliefs. Little was described in the regarding Christianity and the church.

Some people in the society were enlightened and had the two scientific know-how and spiritual beliefs to manage the evils associated with the vampire. The creators of the catalogs were experienced and regarded as perception in the people when ever writing so they really could be in a position reach and impact on the people’s methods of life. For a typical publisher, he or she must be able to understand his or her audience to be able to deliver a relevant message and in an appropriate method without provoking them. Matheson and Stoker used this aspect and combined it with the understanding of vampires and their attitude in the society. The utilization of vampires in both literature was primary as they depicted the evils in the modern which might be caused by several abnormalities while Matheson described one of the cause to be the second world war. Therefore , by use of actuality and hype, the writers were able to show their value in materials and culture.


Both ebooks used vampires to deliver all their messages for the respective societies. They depicted societies that were full of hostilities and blood vessels spilling among vampires and normal people. Although the vampire in the two books experienced common characteristics such as nourishing on human being blood, they will exhibited moderate differences on their evolution and development. The books captivated varied followers with Dracula attracting audience of vampire who realized Dracula since the best goule in history. The books addressed the political views of the time with Stocker in being more worried about on The european union where the chapel was prominent in the political scene with believers as rulers these kinds of kings and queens. In the Matheson publication, the issue of the earth war was described as politically influenced and depicted how mankind will be swept off on earth by stronger weaponry than nuclear if wars were to recur.


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