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Homeland security department of homeland thesis

Excerpt from Thesis:

Breadth of Responsibilities

Each of the DHS tasks relate to the primary legal system and quest responsibilities listed above. Information sharing and examination, prevention and protection, preparedness and response, research, business and control, travel protection, and migration all are functions of keeping the country protected from terrorists and responding to both equally manmade and natural problems.

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The additional functions of the department like the Secret Services, U. S. Coast Protect, FEMA, Migrants and Traditions, the Travel Security Administration, and the Workplace of the Inspector General (OIG) all enhance the breadth of DHS operation, and fall under the primary objective statement in the department. However, OIG, which is responsible for auditing the internal functioning of DHS including scam and maltreatment indirectly works as a function of ensuring this kind of primary quest is accomplished effectively.

Is a DHS Properly Organized?

After having a couple of re-organizations over the years, yes, it is, or in other words that all of the agencies and departments within just DHS have functionality that relates to the principal mission.

However , it is obvious that the section continues to progress from its initial small and thin beginnings as a response to 9/11. And as a global situation adjustments, so will the primary responsibilities of this division. It simply has not reached full “maturity” but.

Considerations have been completely made from the perfect time to include organizations such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), plus the FBI inside the DHS. Yet , the primary missions of each of those departments happen to be distinct and separate coming from DHS. Though the FBI and ATF may be involved in the criminal aspects of terrorism or man-made disaster circumstances, their concentrate is primarily domestic and international offense. Besides that, the functionality of these agencies could add even more breadth for the DHS quest which could distributed it also thinner than it is. It could also cure the effectiveness of DHS’ objective.

Two improvements would make DHS more effective. The foremost is to reduce congressional oversight to perhaps two standing committees – Senate and House – and permit the DHS to function devoid of 86 committees looking over it is shoulder. It really is unnecessary, tiring, and detrimental to the useful functioning in the department. And, second, build a position among directorates as well as the Secretary. This position would be responsible for DHS Functions – the VP vs . The CEO – and would be accountable for high-level department-wide operational integration of all DHS components. The mission of DHS is too diversified and every-changing never to have the situation that every significant corporation, as well as the Chief executive has in the

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