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Health and pilates

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According to Sushruta man is said to be swastha whose dosha, Dhatu, agni and equivocada are inside the state of equilibrium along with mental, sensory and spiritual pleasantness and happiness.

Dinacharya is composed of 2 words

Kundens day time, day

Charya program

Thus dinacharya is routine that is implemented daily


a. Routine service the normal well being.

m. Increased life time without any conditions.


  • Regimens done daily to charité normal well being.
  • Maintenance of hygiene (Shoucha) and keeps the body wipes etc .
  • Desire for the consumption of food, proper and easy digestive function of the ingested food.
  • Prolong the life span and extended life.
  • Maintains the mind relaxed and peaceful and helps in meditation
  • Can be useful for increases the durability of Indriyas.
  • Can be useful for increase the power of human body.
  • Stops all the conditions.

BRAHMA MUHURTA (Getting up in the morning)

One wanting to of lengthy healthy existence should get up in Brahma Muhurta. After taking into consideration the position of digestion or perhaps indigestion. (Food taken prior night)

The healthy person, should wakeup from bed in the Brahma Muhurtam my spouse and i. e. around 48 to 96 moments before the sunrise to preserve his health, following considering the condition of digestion of food consumed previous evening whether effectively done or perhaps not. In that case he will need to offer plea to master Madusudana, so that all the Sopas deeds this individual has participated in are forgiven by god.

Attending to nature’s call (like passing of Mala, Mutra etc . ) in early several hours is a good behavior for better health and challenges like Antra Kujanam, Adhmana and Udara Gouravam (heaviness of abdomen) are also relived by focusing on natures call in early hours of the day immediately after awakening up from pickup bed at Brahma Muhurtam.

USHAJALAPANA-Drinking water

Drinks 8 Prasruti (768 ml) of water in the time early sunrise shall live for a one hundred year and more free from diseases and old age. Person drinks drinking water in early early morning can not have problems with Arsha, Shotha, Grahani, Jwara, Jathara vikara, Kushtha, Medoroga, Raktapitta, hearing and eye disease etc .


The healthy and balanced person need up during Brahma Muhurta to protect his life. After considering the

placement of digestive function or upset stomach food ingested in previous night time. The person should certainly next tackle

eliminating the Mala and Mutra.

Cleaning following defecation, peeing etc will keep those areas clean, stimulates complexion, strength, holiness, lifespan and removes poverty, unrest and evils.

Cleansing of hands and legs always qualified prospects cleanliness and removes tiredness, improves Sukra, eye sight and prevents the attack of negative force or illness.


You need to excrete the urine and faces simply after getting the urge, facing north during daytime and south during night, noiselessly, without directing attention about other things, having covered your body and brain and should permit the excreta to pass naturally automatically and not by simply strain. You need to not pass them by following places- unclean place, road, heaps of soil, lung burning ash, cow dung, cow shed, where activity of people is there closer to town, sacrificial altar or on hill, place meant for fingertips of deceased bodies, beneath and above the trees. Also not looking at women, sincere persons, bovine, sun, celestial body overhead, wind, fireplace and water. In case of dread or handicapped persons the elimination can be carried out according to one’s desire.


The face wash with Sheatala Jala prevents blood loss problems (Raktapitta), subsides Mukhapidika, Mukharoga, Mukhanilika and Vyanga and while cleaning with hot water pacifies Kapha and Vata Doshas, makes face greasy or Singha by taking away the Rukshata or dryness of the face.


One should clean his teeth in two times early morning and evening after intake of food with twinges of Arka, Vata, Khadira, Karanja and Arjuna.

Asana, Karavira, Sarja, Arimeda, Apamarga, Malati, Jati.

Which are Kashaya, Katu and Tikta in taste, twigs should of size of idea of little finger thick and a dozen Angulas in length and directly. Its top rated made like a soft brush by gnawing, the teeth should be cleaned without hurting or perhaps injuring the gums.

In early morning this should be applied considering time of year, Doshas, Dulk? and Veerya, as having Kashaya, Madhura, Katu, Tikta rasa. Nimba is best among Tikta Dulk?, khadira between Kashaya Dulk?, Madhuka amongst Madhura Dulk?, Karaja is better among Katu Rasa.

The lower line of teeth should be brushed 1st. Keeping the mouth filled with drinking water the your-eyes to be filled with drinking water every morning hours with cold water in Grishma and Sarada Rutu.

Dental powder and paste

Powder of Jejovati mixed with honey Trikatu, Triphala and Trijataka, oil, Kustha Churna and Sandhava Lavana should be utilized daily intended for cleaning the teeth. Every tooth needs to be rubbed with soft comb and dental powder with no injuring the gums.


It removes bad smell, sliminess, Kapha and supplies clarity, desire of meals and sunniness.

Contraindication for Dantadhavana

Person struggling with indigestion, throwing up, dyspnoea, cough, fever, facial paralysis, increased thirst, oral cavity ulceration, diseases of the center, eyes, head and the ears, should not make use of the tooth remember to brush. Twigs of Slesmataka, Arishta, Bibhitaka, Dhava, Dhavnvan, Bilva, Vancula, Nirgundi, Shigru, Tilvaka, Kovidara, Sami, Pilu, Pippala, Ingudi, Gulgulu, Paribhadraka, Amlika, Mocaka, Salmali and Rica should not be employed as the teeth brush. Thus also the twigs of these trees that have sweet, sour and sodium tastes, that are very dried out, hallow emitting bad smell and gummy.


Tongue cleaning must be made of silver precious metal, gold or plants. It should be soft, smooth and five finger lengthy and able to eliminate dirt and negative taste and smell from your mouth.

Anjana (collyrium to the eyes)

Sauvirajana is good for eyes, so that it should be applied daily, at this time eyes turn into beautiful and capable of seeing tiny things actually.

Eyesight is full of Tejas and high-risk of difficulties especially via Kapha, hence Rasajana must be used once a week, to drain Kapha. In respect to Charakacharya Rasajana is applied when in five or 8-10 days during the night for lacrymation of eye.

Method of software

Request the person to sit comfortably physician will need to stand in entrance of him, elevate the top eye top of the person with remaining thumb and apply the collyrium towards the interior of lower sport bike helmet, just below the cornea beginning with the Kaninika, slowly going towards Apanga. After application of collyrium the individual should close his sight and push the eye ball slowly to generate uniform circulation. Eye lids are to be moved slightly. Following half an hour it should be washed with water, holding the upper lid with the thumb of left, the eye is to be wiped with soft towel slowly and repeatedly. If the collyium adhering on the lid of the kept eye needs to be wided with right thumb and on regarding the right attention by the kept thumb.

Contraindication for Anjana

Personally who have not really slept at night time, tiredness, Udavarta, crying following taking foodstuff, after washing the head, anger, fear or sorrow, during fever, pain, indigestion, suppression of organic urges, being thirsty, intake of Madya. Person who are exposed to fire or heat of sun, inflammation of eye, blindness, extreme lacrymation, pain and puffiness, cloudy or perhaps rainy weather conditions etc .

Samyaga Anjana laxana

Clear vision, lightness, no abnormal lacrymation, appropriate function, chastity of eyes and alleviation of

illnesses are to correct action of Anjana.


Sneha prepared with medications are implemented through the nostrils, this is called Nasya.

The Nasya should be performed daily with Katu Tila etc . natural oils in case Kapha predominance, it must be done in the morning, in Pitta after noonday noontide, meridian, in Vata evenings must be preferred.

The daily practice of Nasya imparts, Sugandhita to body, Snigdhata to speech, cleans the body organs and prevents Vali, Palitya my spouse and i. e. getting older and graying of curly hair etc .


  • Removes dirt and grime of the sinus passage collected in night time and provides cheerfulness.
  • That produces stiffness of teeth and sugandha in mouth.
  • Dust or smoke certainly not harm due to moisturing of the nasal passage.
  • Removes tiredness of physical exercise, coitus and exploring on foot
  • Applied after transferring urine and faces, removes heaviness of eyes.
  • Used at the conclusion of gargle and collyrium it makes the vision crystal clear.
  • Employed after acquiring food, it brings purity of pathways and lightness.
  • Used after throwing up it makes desire.
  • Used following food getting rid of mucus attached with the verse.
  • Used after rising from day time sleep, this eliminates the hangover and dirt and produce concentration of head.
  • Used in evening it makes comfortable sleep and straightforward awakening.


Mouth is very filled with Gandusha Dravya and kept with out movement is called Gandusha.

Types According to Vagbhata

Singdha “Vata Samana- Pitta

Ropana- Vrana Sodhana ” Kapha

Drvya use to get Gandusha

Gargles consisting of Sneha, milk, sweetie, meat juice, urine, sour gruel and in addition decoction and hot water are whole same according to Dosha.


The Drvaya applied moves very easily in mouth called since Kaval.



It should be carried out with concentration, sitting down erect, the liquid should be retained in full oral cavity till Dosha gets filled in mouth or perhaps before launch from nose passage and eyes, there after, the the liquid should be throw out and another volume of liquid consumed in.


Method of rehearsing is identical to Gandusha and only difference is the fact amount is less in Kavala and motions done in Kavala.


Gandusha must be done repeatedly with cold normal water, it eliminates Kapha, Trushna and Equivocada. Gandusha with warm water removes Kapha, Aruchi and enhance teeth, stimulates lightness in the mouth.


Person who desires good taste, hygiene and pleasurable smell of mouth, should certainly keep in his mouth the tender leaves of Tambula (betel leaves) along with Jati, Lavanga, Karpura, Kankola and Katuka mixed with areca nut. It is very good for cardiovascular system.

Gnawing betel leaves is recommended after a night sleeping, after a bathroom, after the foods and after sexual activity in the night time. Chewing is said to pacify all three Doshas and cheerfulness, it cleanses the mouth getting rid of all awful odours, it makes the oral cavity fragrant, moreover it triggers an extra secretion of saliva, which will increase the digestion. It is additionally useful after vomiting or when some organic toxin has moved into the tummy. It contributes to conviviality in assemble of likeminded persons. It is advisable three or four times each day. Excessive nibbling of betel leaves causes of impairs the physique reduces strength, accidents eye sight, dulls the complexion of the skin, looses pearly whites and reason for hair and causes deafness. It aggravates both equally Vata and Pitta, excessive chewing weak point the digestive power.


One should carry out use of Dhumapana and application of Gandhamalya (garland of flower) etc . Dhumapana cures the diseases of existing above the clavicles and diseases because of Vata and Kapha tend not to occurs if you take Dhumapana regularly.

Dhumapana Vidhi (procedure of inhaling medicinal smoke)-

First, smoking should be inhaled from mouth area and next through the nostrils, that inhaled through mouth needs to be let out by mouth itself and so also that smoke inhaled by nose the smoke inhaled by mouth should be discrete through the nose by doing so, smoke venturing in contrary direction destroys vision. Prayogika Dhumapana ought to be inhaled especially through the nose, Snaihika Dhumapana inhaled through the oral cavity and nose both, Virechanika should be mega bucks and other Kasaghna and Vamaniya through the mouth area only

Benefits of Dhumapana

Dhumapana cures heaviness and pain in brain, chronic rhinitis, headache, vision and ear pain, cough, hiccup, dyspnoea, spasm in throat, weakness of teeth, discharge due to disorder of headsets, nose, eyes, bad smell from nasal area and oral cavity, toothache, anorexia, spasm in jaw and back neck, inching, viruses, paleness, increased salivation, disorder of words, tonsillitis, increased Uvula, calvicie (baldness)grey fur, hairs dropping sneezing abnormal drowsiness, insufficient function of intellect, extreme sleep etc . By this, durability of fur skull, sense organs and voice raises.

ABHYANGA-(oil massage)

Abhyanga should be practice daily, it delays aging, cures tiredness and Vata disorders, increases vision, complexion, and nourishment to the body system, long life, good sleep, good lustrous skin and strength. It must be done especially to head, hearing and ft. One should therapeutic massage the body with luke nice oil, relating to time, in direction of body hair, oil can be utilized according Dosha, season and conditions. It is performed in seven positions in order. 1 . Sitting installment payments on your Supine3. Kept lateral some. Prone five. right spectrum of ankle 6. Supine 7. Seated with leg


Udvartana mitigates Kapha, liquefies the fat, produce steadiness of the areas of the body and excellence of the pores and skin.

Udgharshana means massage therapy with powder of supplement without olive oil.

Udsadana means massage therapy with paste of herbs along with oil.

Udgharshana dilated blood vessels and enhances the Agni in epidermis. Utsadana enhances the complexion in women’s, offers pleasure, cleanliness, auspicious, a sense of lightness and so on other beneficial qualities.

Udgharshana solutions itching, breakouts and a disorder of Vata, use of Phenaka (soap nut) bring about stableness and lightness to the thighs and mitigates itching, itchiness, inactivity of Vata and wards away dirt and diseases. Massaging with the powder enhance the Agni of pores and skin, dilates the veins and cures itching and itchiness.


Samvahana is mild massage or soft touch, started out from foot to stomach which produces pleasantness (Sukhakara Sparsha). Samvahana enhances affection sleep and virility removes Kapha and Vata, fatigue and generates clearness of Mamsa, Rakta and Twaka. It is also will act as Sukakaraka.


The action which usually produces tiredness in person is Vyayama. The physical action, which enhance strength of the body, increases the digestive fire, Dosha Kshaya, when performed in the necessary times is referred to as Vyayama.

Lightness of body, ability to work, balance, increase the digestion proper, exhaustion of surplus fat, alleviated of Dosha happen to be normalizes will be the benefits of Vyayama.


Moderate walking does not cause much trouble towards the body, improves life span, intelligence, digestive electricity, stimulated the sense organs.


After doing therapeutic massage, if a single takes bathtub person solutions the bad smell, heaviness of body, downiness, itching, pollutants, anorexia and bad smell of sweat. Bathing is usually purifying, aphrodisiac, life advertising, destroys the fatigue, perspire, dirt, durability, compactness and Ojus in same period cures tiredness, sweat and impurities of body.

Effect of chilly and warm water bath

Cold water bath cures the bleeding disorder, hot water bathtub excluding head enhances strength and ruins Vata and Kapha. Hot water on ‘Adhokaya’ below the the neck and throat improves body strength and hot water bathroom on brain leads to loss of strength, hair and look gradually.


Applying beauty powder, insert, oil etc . Which are aromatic on the body is definitely auspicious, boosts complexion, affection, Ojas, durability, removes sweat and negative odour, staining, tiredness.


Apply cosmetic powder on deal with gives power to face, eyesight, fullness and prominence to checks and face, generate face free from color spots and eruptions and increase Kanti of face like, lotus flower.


In cold season one should wear ‘Kausheya’ i. e. warm outfits, which are multi colored and red colored dresses, since there calm Vata and Kapha Doshas. Wearing outfit and decorations which just like by the person, dispels, evil, enhances energy, best to give auspiciousness and increases devotion (love).

Role of fresh dress in life

Wearing clean cloth boosts bodily Appeal, reputation, extended life and prevents inauspiciousness. That brings about satisfaction, grace competence to take part in conferences and good seem.

In hot season, one should have on decoction or perhaps ‘Kashaya’ coloured clothes, (saffron or orange coloured), that happen to be said to be ‘Medhya’ i. electronic. improves intellect, seetala or perhaps cold and Pitta Shamana. Even in decoction color lighter one is superior.

In Varsha Kala i actually. e. wet season one should wear Shukla i. electronic. white girl. Which is auspicious, cold and protects via sun rays because the light cloth is definitely neither warm nor cool.

Wearing new and neat towels ensures celebrity, fulfills desire and encourages life span, funds, happiness and is also beneficial to skin and draws in attention of people.

You ought to never wear dirty and unwanted towels as presently there may cause Kandu, Krimi, Glani, poverty and it is inauspicious.

PADATRADHARANA (wearing of foot wear)

Regular uses of foot put on alleviating illnesses of ft, promotes seminal fluid, ward off evil organism, provides pleasure and comfort in shifting and is entire some to get Ojus. Constantly walking on ft . without shoes features adverse effects on health and life and also damaging to eyes.

RATNABHARANA DHARANA (Wearing the gems and ornaments)

Using of gemstones and usually in the adds to the abundance, auspiciousness, long life, grace, Pusthikara, Dushta Swapna Nashaka, inhibits damagers by snakes, nasty spirits, etc . it is nice and enchanting it is also conducive to Ojus.

NAKHADI KARTANA Nail, Moustaches, beards, hair cutting etc .

Fingernails or toenails, moustaches/beards, fur of the brain and body should be cut/ removed when in five days, this bestows beautiful presence, stouten the body, is auspicious, gives longevity, removes dirtiness and gives resplendence. Hairs inside nose should never be pulled out simply by force, in so doing disorders of vision develop quickly. Hair of the head should be built tidy by using a Prasadhani (comb) this is great for the hairs, removes dirt and grime, worms and wastes. Looking into a mirror is definitely auspicious, bestows complexion, stoutness, strength, longevity, and wards off sins and inauspicious.

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