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Geopolitical importance of pakistan essay

Defination: The study of the partnership among politics and geography, demography, and economics, particularly with respect to the foreign policy of a country. ” The foreign policy of the country is determined by its geography”. (Napoleon) This might be an hyperbole, but there may be no question that geography has already established decisive result upon world and upon national development.


In 1947, having a unique location, Pakistan comprised two far away parts; the West Pakistan, in the Extrêmes River basin and the East Pakistan (later on started to be Bangladesh in December 1971) located much more than 1000 kilometers (1600 kilometers) away inside the Ganges Lake delta.

Separated from the other person, these two wings had 1000km wide Of india territory together. On the West, Pakistan boundaries with Afghanistan, whose one particular kilometer slim Wahkhan deprive kept the defunct Soviet Union faraway from Pakistani frontiers. To the North, she has the Peoples Republic of Cina. The oil rich center of the Local Gulf region-Iran, is in the southwest of Pakistan.

In the South, the Arabian Sea, the northwestern expansion of the logically important Indian Ocean flushes Pakistan’s seaside shores.

The energy of Indian Ocean has always been unquestionable through the entire known background as it provides not only a business and control link among Europe plus the Far East yet has also continued to be a key towards the seven oceans. The East Pakistan was separating the Pacific Ocean through the Indian Ocean and bordered Burma for the East (Mohammed Ahsen Chaudhri, 1993). As a result, looking through the strategic standpoint, Pakistan was and is continue to at the crossroad of Central, South and Southwest Asia and is the best link between the oil-rich Persian Gulf as well as the East Asia. In short, Pakistan is situated in the region called ‘fulcr..

Geo Tactical Importance of Pakistan

Geo proper means the value of a region or a place as due to its location. Geo personal is defined as, straining the effect of geographic factors for the state electrical power, international perform and positive aspects it comes from its position. Stephen Cohn describes this importance “While history have been unkind to Pakistan, it is geography has become its best benefit. They have resource rich area inside the north-west, people rich in the north-east.  Pakistan is a junction of South Asia, West Asia and Central Asia, the best way from resource efficient countries to source deficient countries. The world can be facing energy crisis and terrorism. Pakistan is a course for transport, and a front series state against terrorism.

Physical Importance:

Link between South Asia and South West Asia; Iran and Afghanistan happen to be energy abounding while India and China are lacking of. China discovers way to Indian ocean and Arabian Sea through Korakaram. Cina with its speediest economic expansion rate of 9%; is definitely developing its southern provinces because its own port is usually 4500 kilometers away from Sinkiang but Gawader is 2300 km apart. Pakistan presents to Automobiles the least route of 2600 kilometres as compared to Usa (4500 km) or Turkey (5000 km). land locked Afganistan now at the phase of Reconstruction, finds it is ways through Pakistan. Gawader port using its deep seas attracts the trade boats of China, CARs and South East Asian Countries.

ASEAN Economic Agglomérats: SAARC, ENVIRONMENT. Iran is usually struggling to export its surplus gas and oil to asian countries. Qatar Pakistan and Turkmenistan Pipeline projects features the position. Pakistan would get four hundred million dollar yearly if IPI gets success. Mountain Varies: Himalayas, Hindu Kush in the North happen to be plentiful in providing normal water and organic resources.

Politics importance: -US interests inside the regions to contain the Developing China, indivisible Iran, terrorist Afghanistan, and to benefit from the industry of India. Security and Business happen to be two key US pursuits in the region when Pakistan is playing a front line position against terrorism. Today the political situation of the place is tinged with pre emption plan and ALL OF US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran’s nuclear system, India’s geopolitical muscles(new tactical deal with US) to gain the hegemony and to counter the ‘The Surge of China’ which has received all the attributes to change unipolar world in to Bipolar world. In all these issues, Pakistan is directly or indirectly engaged, especially after Al Qaeda operations. The American believe tanks have got repeatedly recognized that battle against fear could under no circumstances be gained without the accompanied by a Pakistan. Pakistan has carefully fought, and ongoing armed service operation in Wazirstan is also targeting the suspected Taliban in the highlighting area.

Key threats to Pakistan: Balochistan and Wazirstan conflicts happen to be posing hazards to any economic project like IPI gas pipeline. Bad role of India, US, Iran with this conflict ridden area. Kashmir is expensive point, accelerating nuclear race in the Southern region Asia. Instable governments in Pakistan have contributed in weakening the strong location. Natural Assets: -Pakistan has got the best organic resources on the planet. Lack of technology fragile infrastructure and limited financial resources are definitely the main hurdles in the way to learn and utilize these methods.

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