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Freedom Writers Analysis Essay

Flexibility Writers can be described as drama movie based on the book “The Freedom Copy writers Diary” written by The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell. The movie was first produced on January 5th 2007 in the USA, and May 18th 2007 in Norway. The director in the movie is Richard LaGravenese and the screenwriters are the Flexibility Writers, Erin Gruwell and Richard LaGravenese.

The Music is done by Draw Isham, can. i. was, Talib Kweli and other various artists. The key actors happen to be Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell, Tanker Dempsey while Scott Casey, Imelda Staunton as Margaret Campbell, 04 L. Hernandez as Eva Benitez, Mario as Andre Bryant, Jerr Finn because Marcus and Jaclyn Ngan as Sindy. The Freedom Freelance writers is about the young, amateur teacher Erin Gruwell plus the students in classroom 203 at Woodrow Wilson Secondary school, Long Beach front, California. The story takes place by year 1992 to 95 and it is a true story.

Ms Gruwell was very fired up for her 1st day. The lady had big plans intended for how the girl was going to get the students to set up outside the class room door, instead of not coming out to school or stop before the 1st semester was finished. This is how the schools’ reputation acquired turned out to be after the integration software was advised at Woodrow Wilson.

To teach the street kids, was a whole lot easier said than done. To obtain the students’ focus, Ms Gruwell had to call up them Nazis and rely how quite a few who had shed friends to gang assault. The students comes from many different communities. In room 203 there are blacks, whites, Latinos and Cambodians.

For many of those kids, fatality, violence, gangs, and preventing for territories, are daily events. Offered from cracked families and have had a really hard and challenging childhood. They can be happy if perhaps they make this to the end of the day.

One of many students, Eva, said to Ms Gruwell during class; “what are you carrying out in right here that makes a god really difference to my life? ” This awakens Ms Gruwell up, and she starts to use unconventional methods just like playing games, take the students on trips, and make them publish diaries to try and teach, and to help them with their lives and their possibility to graduate student high school and go to college or university. The title from the movie and the book derive from these schedules. There are many strong characters with this movie.

It is not easy to decide who have the main heroes are, because we feel like we get to find out every one of them, and each personality have its own story. Ms Gruwell appeared like an inexperienced, rich man’s little girl, but throughout the things the girl did, she showed us a lot of admirable attributes of himself. Eva Benitez is a Latino/Spanish- American woman.

She has an extremely strong character and arguements hard for what she thinks is right. But under the persistent mask, we are able to sense a hint of concern. Marcus is known as a black boy, and one of the persons we get to know most about. He seems like a really nice young man, but this individual also has his dark secrets. Marcus improvements his individuality and his lifestyle a lot because he wants to push back home to his mom.

Sindy is actually a Cambodian young lady. She was involved in the key conflicts in the movie. She gets been in a refugee camp, and after the war in Cambodia her father is not the same ever again. Her figure shows simply no fear and an remarkable willpower.

There are plenty of positive circumstances to say regarding the movie. A lot of the actors performed an excellent work by playing the personas and getting their very own personality break through. April L. Hernandez is usually one of them. Your woman did an excellent job playing Eva Benitez.

She got very many different emotions just like anger, sadness, frustration and relief. We also liked the music they will chose. It was not normal film music. It was updated hip hop and pop music, which could had been exactly the kind of music the scholars would have believed. You feel as if you are getting close to all of them, and that you get acquainted with them.

Though it was a extremely good motion picture, there are some negative things as well. The movie was quite expected. After Ms. Gruwell experienced caught the student’s interest, you could picture how the motion picture was going to end. At some points the movie was pretty boring.

This movie shows that it will be easy for a educator to inspire a class and to make a difference in someone’s lifestyle. There has been made many movies like this prior to, for example 1 / 2 Nelson and Music of the Heart. This kind of movie differs from the others from the others because it is based upon a true history.

Nevertheless, it had been a touching and inspiring movie with many funny occasions. I would offer this movie 4 superstars. It is not one among my favorites, yet definitely really worth to see.

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