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Force of gravity discussed a practical experiment



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Gravity is the force that appeals to a body towards the center of the the planet, a common example of gravity going on is a falling object. When toast slideshow off a table, it really is observed to land jelly side straight down frequently. While the bread toasted is slipping, it is speeding up, or going through a change in velocity, for the ground, yet , friction, the resistance that an object face when shifting over an additional, must be accounted for because air resistance- the frictional power air applies against a moving object- causes the item to reduce as it comes. The weight- a bodys relative mass that gives rise to a downward force- in the jelly within the bread might be heavy enough to considerably alter the side it countries on in order to falls since the weight of your object is know to affect the time it takes to fall due to the amount of air level of resistance applied to the thing.

Objects with more mass fall with more gravitational force yanking on it whilst lighter things are slowed down by air flow resistance much more than heavier items, thus bulkier objects are expected to land faster in the world. It is predicted that a greater amount of jelly will cause the loaf of bread to land faster.

Through this experiment, the observation was tested with all the amount of jelly as the self-employed variable, while the dependant varying was whether or not the toast royaume jelly aspect down. The control of the experiment was the bread that was marked one affiliate with no jelly on it.


When there is more jello on the loaf of bread, then it is more likely for the bread to land jelly side straight down.


  • 4 pieces of bread
  • 2 ounces jelly
  • Multiple beam equilibrium
  • Plastic knife
  • Paper menu
  • Paper to get floor


The paper menu and the bread were considered on the three-way beam stability and documented. Different amounts of jelly was spread on each of your slice of bread. Every slice of bread was weighed and recorded once again with the jelly. Each piece of loaf of bread was moved off the table to determine whether or not it got on the jello side for a total of three tests for each breads.

Result summary:

Not any correlation is shown involving the mass with the jelly as well as the number of instances the bread toasted landed jello side down. Out of all the trial offers, ten away of twelve times, the toast ended up jelly side down. The only times the bread got jelly or marked area up had been the cut that comprised no jello and the cut with of sixteen. 5 grams of jello.


The effects show the fact that toast ended up on the jelly side in almost all the trials. The sole exceptions towards the data might have resulted from the different amounts of power that was applied too the bread toasted as it was pushed off. An additional explanation might have been the unequal spreading from the jelly around the bread, creating a possibility of the jelly coming off the bread as it fell.

In contrast to the rese arch conducted about the law of gravity and totally free fall, heavy bread with this experience got no influence on the side in the bread it landed in. Although the loaf of bread with more jelly may have got landed a little bit faster, the height was not high enough pertaining to the brighter bread to rotate in a complete circle before getting on the ground, therefore , the consistency of the toast landing jello side down does no depend on the mass with the jelly.

Bottom line

In line with the results in the lab, most likely the toasted bread will almost always land jelly side down with no relationship to the mass of the jelly, thus disproving the speculation.

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