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Fire fighting event case study

Fireplace Department, Event Management, Ethics, Operations

Excerpt from Case Study:


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What factors/operations contributed to this incident?

A lot of factors and operations contributed to the event resulting in a deceased and inured firefighter. The initial response was according to standard method, and was admirably quickly and very well attended by District Major 204, Engine 11, Engine 6, Emergency Medical Services EC6, and Aerial some. The presence of a multifaceted team should have supplied the diversity of services and methods needed to control the fire in a manner that reduced the possibilities of unnecessary or perhaps preventable personal injury. Moreover, the District Main was the initial on the scene and had the capacity to respond in a way consistent with management protocols. The District Key was right to initially interact with people to find out in the event there were people inside the house.

However , there are several core elements that keep noting. The first is the equipment failure on Engine 11, when the pressure pain relief valve was sticking and may not maintain adequate drinking water pressure. Second was the unauthorized entry for the initially firefighter who have attempted to wide open the front door and then started it down; what ensued thereafter was too disorderly. The Section Major was aiding they on Engine 11 instead of overseeing they of medical personnel and making sure their protection and that almost all safety methods were being used. There is no justification as to why the airflow amount of the CONTEXTUAL MARKETING fans was increased and there was simply no attempt at initial to distinguish the main cause – in this instance causes – of the fireplace. Thus, the 2 casualties (the victim plus the injured) chop down through the floor. The honesty of the composition had been sacrificed, and they acquired already knocked down area of the ceiling. Ten minutes had already passed before the Area Major or perhaps anyone else noticed the two medical personnel were absent – meaning valuable moments of time that can have been utilized to prevent their particular injuries. Although the rescue efforts did preserve the one firefighter, the different perished needlessly due to too little of control over procedures. Finally, the injured firefighter had activated his personal notify safety program (PASS) gadget but it could not be noticed over the noise of the search engines, pumps, and PPV fans.

As the protection and health program supervisor, what recommendations would you help to make in order to prevent similar occurrences?

The 1st recommendation should be to improve the overall integrity with the firefighting and safety tools. For example the pressure release program on Engine 11 should not have malfunctioned. Regular repair of and monitoring equipment may have prevented this issue. Likewise, the PASS program should not count on auditory indicators, which will typically be drowned out in the midst of your crisis. Presently there

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