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Does internet affect today”s children for good or bad? Essay

Internet affect today’s children in both permanently and for bad.

It have an effect on them in a good way, like impacting their mental ability, since, it helps these people in exploring homeworks and projects or perhaps reports.. which makes them get higher ratings or factors at class…and it makes it smart also, and makes all of them wise too, because there are plenty of difficult and uneasy methods to use laptop, that makes these people more confuois and want to know more about it, and try to know those ideas. And this affect these questions bad much too, children nowadays, are influenced bt this kind of most within a bad method.

Because a lot of children uses the internetjust for fun, just like entering sites that is not on their behalf, and searching sex movies, that makes them confuois if what it really feels when doing it, thats how come lots of teens, specially young ladies, are affected by this, they are previously pregnant with just the age of 16 or perhaps 17. Young boys are dependent on computer games that affects all their studies, all their presence of mind in the lecture, cause that they get thrilled in dismissed, because they need to paly pc, they keep upon asking cash to their father and mother just to play games on internet, and if their parents wont provide them with some money, they’ll get upset and talk back to their very own parents…and it also affect all their health, especially their sight, and they practically dont consume meals in order to play in the net.

So i can declare internet actually affects today’s children. But they are affected many in the poor way.

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