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Desegregation and the upcoming essay

The civil privileges movement was one of the most pivotal periods in United States background, and Martin Luther King was probably the most influential. In Martin Luther King’s speech, “Segregation and the Future”, to convey the theme of freedom he uses rhetorical devices including repetition and metaphors.

In the speech, the application of repetition was used to better communicate his details and to allow audience know very well what he desires with clarity. An example of this repetition is when he repeats the word, “leaders”.

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His utilization of repetition for the word commanders was to remind the Nationwide Committee of Rural Schools that they are designed to lead having a purpose which purpose in respect to Matn Luther Ruler was to better educate the two white and black pupils with equal treatment. This individual wants the leaders in the committee to acquire others within a better thought process, and to stray from current ideas that infringe within the rights of African People in america.

One more example of repetition in his speech is his use of the words, “not the way”. He wants the group to know he views would impede upon their trigger. He lists violence, hate and resentment as issues that are, “not the way” to help with the cause.

The second prominent rhetorical device that Martin Luther King utilized were metaphors. One example of a metaphor that coveys the theme of liberty is once compares a, “festering sore” to segregation. Martin Luther King’s comparison shows his contempt to get segregation and exactly how freedom is often the better choice. Comparisons to negative objects or situations, put things like segregation into a even more personal plus more understandable meaning, making this metaphor powerful. A second example of King’s use of metaphor is his comparison of the Supreme Court docket decision of Brown v. Board into a “joyous daybreak” that ended the “long night of man captivity”. Matn Luther Full uses this kind of comparison to show how important this Supreme Court decision was. The Supreme Courtroom ruled that segregation in schools was unconstitional, started to be a huge step toward equality and Martin Luther’s comparability shows this.

Martin Luther King’s make use of repetition and metaphors makes his messages more impressive and more emotional to others. Without his usage of rhetorical devices, his speeches might fall in deaf hearing and would not have induced a motion toward equal rights. His utilization of repetition and metaphors through this speech better display his themes of freedom and also have inspired America for years to come.


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