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Dental case study case study

Teeth Hygiene, Sickle Cell Anemia, Anemia, Dentistry

Excerpt from Case Study:

Dental Case Study

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The patient in case that is shown is a Latino male approximately 13 years old. He provides sickle cellular anemia, and suffers from an intellectual handicap. This paper reviews the truth study via a dental well being perspective.

What is sickle cell anemia? The genesis with this disease is found within the unusual hemoglobin in the blood stream; the red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the human body change condition when the individual has sickle cell anemia. Hemoglobin H. has the a result of changing the shape of the red blood cells so that they become “fragile, sickle-shaped” and they bring less oxygen to the damaged tissues of the body (National Selection of Medicine). Moreover, the design of the transformed red blood cells means that cells could become “stuck more easily in tiny blood vessels” and they also break into many pieces which obviously reduces the quantity of oxygen to the body’s damaged tissues. The patient is experiencing fatigue, by a rapid heartrate, his eye-sight suffers, this individual has ulcers on the lower legs in many instances great ability to think is lowered (National Catalogue of Medicine). Painful attacks may last for several days; they are called “crises” and once a sickle cell individual has a crisis he is in severe pain (the our bones in the back and chest are especially vulnerable to these types of attacks) (National Library of Medicine).

How come was this patient selected for a example – exactly what his needs? According to author Amr Moursi, Affiliate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Pediatric The field of dentistry at the Nyc University College of Dental care (Moursi, 2012), the 13-year-old was a the latest immigrant to the U. H. from the Dominican Republic, and he plainly needed to get a dentist to get his rotting teeth. Short background: His mother talks only The spanish language but his father can be bilingual so when the youngster goes to the hospital (he has been hospitalized several times to get sickle cell crises) equally mother and father can be found. The father indicated that the young man was “extremely resistant to common home attention, ” and thus he doesn’t brush the teeth. He was been on penicillin prophylaxis through the first eight years of his life nevertheless he attended the dentist he was certainly not on any kind of medication. The hematologist asked that the boy be publicly stated to the clinic for a day when the oral health was to always be conducted.

He needed to be placed under general anesthesia (GA) and needed to be monitored for his levels of hemoglobin; the doctor believed that a blood transfusion can be necessary. Because he is a individual with sickle cell, ahead of his treatment the dentist needs to understand: when his last vaso-occlusive crisis occurred; was generally there any damage to any internal organs; his great transfusions; what infections provides he had; and what psychological issues this individual has skilled recently.

Dental hygiene and dental examination in this patient: You will have a “highly cariogenic” diet because

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