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Counselors as companions and Ethnics in human Services report Essay

Coming from Tragedy to Triumph: Counselor as Companion on the Hero’s Journey By: Richard T. Halstead The ethical standards for a persons service specialists from the nationwide organization of human services professionals. Some points that I assume that the counselor has learned from Sam are never say what a person with a impairment can’t do.

Also I do think he learned that may damaged people often look at being normal like everyone else rather than pushing toward a goal in life and becoming successful with it. Another thing which i think the counselor discovered from Charlie was that never judge anyone by the impairment of a person, because they can accomplish nearly anything in life that they put their minds to. A number of the counselor’s actions that may include changed as working with Sam is that this individual learned that various people that have are exposed to a problem can easily overcome hurdles in many diverse way and that never issue a person with a impairment can’t attain something that this individual wants in every area of your life.

Also following your talk with the psychiatrist, the counselor started out using his thinking skills more. Since it said in paragraph several on the second page of this article, ” The Psychiatrist acquired, unwittingly, provided me (The counselor) using what I thought may possibly serve to catapult Steve to the next milestone in the journey”. (Halstead Richard T. Pg2). This made the counselor wish to inspire Steve more to achieve his goal and prove the doctors wrong. I really do think that the persons I are exposed to change me in some way by causing me really see the proceedings with all of them and make me determine to help these groups overcome that obstacle anytime.

Also it makes me want to be there to them more to help these groups, because no one should have to move through a problem alone. When you support someone in every area of your life like it says on page one of this article, the counselor had attained Steve who was struggling to regain a life used a way, the counselor was confronted with looking to understand his role at the same time, and over time they both equally found all their way through the problem. (Halstead, Richard T. Pg1). All of us as persons in the man service discipline will have a number of different problems that we all run in with our clients and we have to use the critical considering skill and our referrals that we have to help that person through their problems as well as study from our job.

Steve was changed because of this romantic relationship by deciding that getting normal wasn’t as important as reaching his objective of getting a college degree in the field that he had picked. Everyone isn’t normal and we should try to work towards becoming normal, we have to try and work towards our desired goals just like Dorrie can to appreciate. Steve has benefited from this marriage tremendously by making use of the counselor and the theory of the college or university he was capable of finish school 5 years later, yet he had his degree below his belt, as well as available a job producing and helping other people through their problems as well.

One ethnical issue that may business lead me being a human service professional to examine the ethical standards can be that a client is lately diagnosed with the HIV disease. He is extremely upset and crying his eyes out wanting to make suicide and threatens to kill the guy that he considers gave it to him before this individual does. How i could resolve any kind of ethical issues is by seeking in the moral standards and look over what its tell do in a case similar to this, but on the other hand make an effort to calm the consumer down and present him as much support and help needed simply by weighing the actual outcomes with the situation.

Also I would search for something applying my research skills that may maybe convenience him just a little about the situation and make him think distinct. On the other hand myself as a psychiatrist I have to label the ethical standards for human providers professions and take the stand. In the honest standards pertaining to human services professionals it states under statements three and four that me personally as a human being service experts have to keep the clients information confidential with others that, but have to breech the confidentiality with the client and consider in search of supervision as the client is trying to injury himself and also others.

The national firm of human services honest standards are very important to stick to as I start to work with individuals, families, organizations, and neighborhoods, because it is going to tell me what I need to do basically feel there are some things that could take place and how to start doing it too.

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