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Counseling ladies about reproductive system health

Counseling, Well being Belief Style, Dnp, Contraception

Excerpt from Essay:

DNP: EXTREMIDAD Introduction

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Details is electric power in health-related. This is particularly true in the area of contraception, given that a great deal of false information exists inside the popular tradition and online in relation to ladies sexual overall health. It is hence vitally important to know how better to teach girls about how far better manage all their reproductive lives so that they have maximum amount of autonomy over the moment and with whom they may have children. Relating to Dehlendorf, Krajewski, Borrero (2014), the pace of unintentional pregnancy can be 50% in the us, a rather extraordinary figure offered the position of the land as one of the realms most developed nations. My personal PICO question for my own DNP task is: In childbearing girls that receive GYN services in an OB/GYN medical clinic (P), just how effective is actually a structured contraceptive counseling (I) compared to the current individual educating sessions (C) offered by the healthcare provider in increasing sufferers knowledge of contraception (O)?

My personal question is specifically designed to answer the question of how best to share healthcare-related data to patients. It is based on the basic principle that companies have the potential to positively affect womens ability to use contraception during medical care visits… Customization this therapies is one approach to supporting women of most race/ethnicities and socioeconomic strata to improve all their ability to plan pregnancies (Dehlendorf, Krajewski, Borrero, 2014, doble. 3). Healthcare providers have both specialist and the interest of the affected person, making these types of encounters crucial in the promo of accurate information (versus information on social media or displayed by peers). The DNP project will use a literary works review to determine critical achievement factors that have enhanced prior structured contraceptive counseling and after that use an fresh and control group to determine which way was more beneficial in facilitating patients capability to achieve their goals relating to their current contraceptive employ and also their very own assessed amount of knowledge about preventive medicines in general before and after counseling.

So far, I have worked on sections 1, 2, 3, and six based on the DNP Task guideline. I use an overview with the general issue and version and have commenced to explore distinct theoretical models to support the dissemination from the knowledge presented within the structure of the project. The Health Perception Model is a cognitive, social framework that views humans as rational beings whom use a multidimensional approach to decision-making regarding if to perform a

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