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Coral divers holiday resort case examination essay

Proper Recommendation: So what do you recommend Coral All scuba divers to do? Core divers Resort (CDR) will need to focus on making their current business procedure more efficient by keeping an attention on working costs and partnering with adventure areas for customers who wants adventure plunging. The company financial records cannot support any development for family focused resort while using company getting over leveraged with small cash and liquidity. Subsequently, this strategy features ease of implementation and provides a profit increase of 10% with little capital expenditure

Also, Greywell has built a lifestyle around the Coral Divers Resort organization and loves it together with his family.

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Providing the resort with his very little equity in the business will not offer enough funds for him to start a new business within location. Concentrating on being more effective is more successful for the company as the industry is its maturity phase with stiffer competition and easily available substitutes.

What do you think Coral formations Divers wish to accomplish within the next five years? Coral Divers can be experiencing decreasing revenues and unprofitability within the past three years.

Other places that have been capable of specialize in specific segments in the diving industry, Coral All scuba divers have been struggling to distinguish themselves from other areas. Coral All scuba divers Resort (CDR) is looking to differentiate by itself from other resorts in the New Providence, Bahamas region. The company is looking for possibilities in the plunging industry to get a unique specific niche market and gain a competitive edge that may lead to a rise its income.


The resort provides a beachfront area, the wealthy resource in the ocean is close closeness and have designed a good reputation like a quiet and safe resort which usually appeals to vacationers looking to get far from busy tourist resort accommodations. The plunging instructors inside the resort are certified simply by PADI and NAUI.

Weak point

It is a family- run one-service business that is inefficiently controlled. It is heavily leveraged which makes it difficult to get funding for even more expansion whilst facing rigid competition.


There are chances in the plunging industry to locate a unique niche market (adventure diving, family focused resort) pertaining to Coral All scuba divers and gain a competitive edge that may lead to a rise in its earnings like offering additional service to customers eg picking and taking consumers to the air-port and other educational services about scuba diving which will requires less capital spending.


The bleaching impact of local climate change in coral reefs makes them to reduce their splendor, making snorkeling less desirable for technical scuba divers. The latest surge in airfares as well as the changing demographics are potential could decrease the customer base of diving areas.

Current Proportion

The current ratio of CDR shows that the business is not able to assistance its current obligations. The resort’s short “term assets cannot cover its current obligations of $88, 476. However quick ratio benefit of CDR will provide a clearer indication of the company’s liquidity and success in meeting the obligations.

Speedy Ratio

CDR quick ration of 0. 1875 shows that the company provides a very low capability to service their maturing short- term requirements. This ratio is a morereliable variation of the present ratio because inventory, prepay expenses, and also other less liquefied current property are taken from the calculations. In other words, that shows just how CDR can quickly convert its assets to cash without a loss in value if possible to meet the short-term commitments? The resort’s low speedy ratio helps it be difficult intended for the resort to meet lenders requirement and have further money for future business growth since they work a business that does not provide a constant and expected cash flow. Advantageous liquidity percentages are critical to collectors within the resort’s industry.

Return on Property

The adverse return in CDR’s advantage shows that you can actually asset is not employed effectively to create profit and shows the business is not profitable. Yet , the assets in the vacation resort are highly depreciated which is uncommon and it is influencing the come back on resources. CDR will need to reduce it is depreciation expense since the resort is certainly not fully ordered in the low rental months of the yr. The resort’s return about assets of -5. 73% indicates there is a need for improvement in this area in order that the company may remain competitive and continue to operate efficiently.

Return on Equity

The percent price of return on value for Coral reefs Divers Vacation resort is -87. 04%, which indicates that there is virtually no profits earned based on the owner’s expense in the resort and it will be harder getting a positive go back when extra capital is definitely added to the resort.

Debts to Total Property

CDR financial debt to property ratio of 0. 934 indicates the company can easily barely satisfy its long-term obligations, continue to be solvent, and prevent bankruptcy. This kind of shows that the organization can scarcely withstand even more losses without harming creditor hobbies making it very hard to obtain additional loans for development.

Debt to Equity

Your debt to equity ratio to get CDR is 14. doze show which in turn that the company isheavily leveraged and that most assets the resort has is borrowed by financial debt. This makes issues around controlling share in the company when more debt is definitely added to the organization.

On what basis perform customers choose Coral All scuba divers or competitors? Scuba diving excursions to Bahamas tend to end up being luxury things and therefore it is more likely people would travel during very good economic circumstances, the levels of disposable profits people have and the weather condition.

Are the driving forces causing with regard to this services likely to maximize or decrease? The traveling forces probably increase in the near future, there has been increase in the population of scuba all scuba divers in the last 20 years and the economic system is recovering from the last crisis.

Are the traveling forces performing to make competition more or less powerful? The driving a car forces decide to make competition more intense. There are 26 officials diving providers in Bahamas with different software offerings. Almost all of the resorts are well known for their good quality services plus the brand recognition and acknowledgement is present between your groups of visitors who want to dive in the Bahamas. The capability and additional services offered by the hotels for more revenues makes the competition possibly harder.

Does the driving causes lead to bigger or decrease industry success? The traveling forces has got the potential of leading to higher industry profitability due to the embrace the number of effective high paying divers.

Performs this industry give good leads for desirable profits? The profits of the sector is limited, there is higher competition, and the scuba diving industry entering into the maturity phase. While there is some sector growth, the current marketing appeal of a diving resort is usually facing excessive competitions from other leisure alternatives.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage Tests:

Does this organization have one that is valuable/rare?

The resort has a beachfront location, the rich resource from the ocean that is certainly within close proximity and still have developed favorable comments as a calm and safe hotel which attracts vacationers wanting to get away from active tourist hotel hotels. The diving course instructors in the resort are accredited by PADI and NAUI.

Is the resource competitively superior?

The resource of Coral Technical scuba divers is not really competitively excellent when compared to the competition.

Do they have one that is hard to copy?

Coral Scuba divers resource is straightforward to copy while anybody using a nice location, boats plus the necessary qualification from PADI can start a resort.

Can the resource be made obsolete by different capacities of rivals? With the breakthrough of different types of snorkeling, CDR’s useful resource is been made obsolete due to non-distinguishing brand, adventure snorkeling and relatives oriented resorts

Is the firm organized to exploit its useful, rare, costly to imitate useful resource? Coral Scuba divers has failed to exploit its useful resource due to raising cost, adverse return in equity and three years of loss

Do you think this company provides a sustainable competitive advantage? The corporation does not have a eco friendly competitive benefit and might face firmer competition later on. Other resorts that have been capable to specialize in particular segments in the diving sector (adventure plunging, family resort) and have been successful over the past years as the industry continue to grow.

Just how intense is definitely the rivalry of existing rivals for buyer dollars? The rivalry is actually intense; the extra services proposed by the resorts for additional earnings makes the competition even harder.

How likely/easy would it always be for new opponents to enter the forex market? Anybodywith a pleasant location, and the necessary recognition from PADI can start a leisure resort.

Do buyers have a lot of competition to choose from or very few? You will discover 26 officials diving workers in Bahamas with different software offerings. Most of the resorts are very well known for their high quality services as well as the brand awareness and acknowledgement is present between groups of tourists

Are there any firms in other industrial sectors offering suitable substitutes? There are several firms and industries providing substitute e. g. film, sports, game etc .

Porter Five Causes Analysis

Supplier Power

The supplier electricity is nominal, the business is usually service centered and is top to bottom integrated.

Level of Rivalry

There is excessive degree of competition and cost of competition in the diving industry leading to reduce profitability

Client Power

Buyer electrical power is large, there is low priced in contrasting price and services of resorts. Support and features provision to customers is really important.

Threats Of Substitutes

There are several alternatives ranging vacation elsewhere to other leisure time activities like sports activities, golfing, sailing, skiing and also other technology items e. g. video games, and films.

Threat Of recent Entrants

Although it is straightforward to open a resort, there is certainly medium threat of new traders due to substantial competition as well as the industry being in maturity phase.


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