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Configuring and retaining network secureness essay

Because this is merely a test deployment, you’re going to be using a Windows 8 computer to function as the web server. In this work out, you will set up Internet Details Services on your workstation and then configure this to sponsor two websites. Mindset

Internet Information Providers enables you to configure websites to use specific port numbers. This makes it possible to try the functionality of Windows Fire wall. Completion period

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a quarter-hour

Question you

What URLs would you use in the computer’s browser to test the functionality of the intranet website you just created? You can utilize the IP address of the laptop that is hosting the website

Have a screen shot of the Internet Information Providers (IIS) Director console, demonstrating the new site you produced, by hitting Alt+Prt Scr, and then paste the producing image in to the Lab doze worksheet data file in the site provided by hitting Ctrl+V.

Exercise doze. 2

Testing IIS Connectivity


In this exercise, you can test features of the net server you simply installed.


The way to evaluation the functionality of the web storage space is to make an effort to connect to that. Completion time

a quarter-hour

Question two

What is the result, and what does the effect indicate?

it would go to 11S almost eight microsoft. com/web

Question three or more

What is the result, and what does it indicate?

Success. Intranet website can be accessed in both techniques

http://localhost/ or http:/

Question 4

What is the result?

Internet Explorer cannot screen the web site

Question 5

What is the result?

Success. II7 Web page looks

Question 6

List three possible reasons why you might be struggling to connect to the

computer’s web storage space using a internet browser on one other computer. on your computer’s web server utilizing a browser upon another pc

Take a display shot in the Customize settings for each type of network windowpane, showing the setting you simply modified, by pressing Alt+Prt Scr, and after that paste the resulting photo into the Research laboratory 12 worksheet file in the page given by pressing Ctrl+V. [copy screen shot over this text]

Question 7

Exactly what the outcomes, and so what do the outcomes indicate?

Windows Fire wall is preventing port 85 for HTTP connection

Query 8

What other test could you perform to provide evidence that it was your computer’s firewall that was blocking the text and not the firewall on the computer you are utilizing as a client? Success. The results suggest that connection is established

Question 9

Why is it required to clear the cache before you retest the net server contacts? computer’s fire wall that was blocking the bond and not the firewall onthe computer you are using being a client

Problem 10

Why are you able to not simply keep Windows Fire wall turned off when you deploy a real web machine? Becuase it is not necessarily a protected practice. Turning Windows Fire wall Off will permit allconections from outside your network and can be dangerous

Work out 12. several

Enabling a Program Through the Firewall


Windows Firewall is definitely preventing customers from connecting to your web server. To enable client get, you will make use of the Windows Fire wall control panel toallow access to the internet server. Mindset

The Windows Fire wall control panel provides access to basic functions from the firewall, but also for complete control, you must utilize Windows Firewall with Advanced Security gaming console, which you’ll observe in the Lab Challenge. Conclusion time

10 minutes

Question 14

Why are you today able to connect with the website from your client? We all allowed to available port 85 on HTTP

Question doze

How come you unable to connect to the intranet internet site from the consumer? Port 4444 is certainly not open? or DNS concern? NOT SURE

Laboratory Challenge

Creating Glass windows Firewall Guidelines


The dock you opened up in Physical exercise 12. several enables clientele to access the default internet site hosted by your web machine, but not the Intranet web page. In this challenge, you must set up your internet server to permit traffic to the Intranet internet site. Mindset

Glass windows 8 typically provides more than one way to develop a given job. The House windows Firewall control panel provides a easy interface for the firewall, but it really is not just a comprehensive 1, as we observed in the previous Workout. Completion period

20 moments

To full this problem, you must make use of the Windows Firewall With Advanced Security console to change WKSTN-MBR-B to allow traffic to both the default web page and the Intranet website you created in Exercise 12. 1 . To

total the challenge, carry out the following responsibilities:

List things you accepted complete the job.

Take a display shot of the interface you used to make the firewall rules by pressing Alt+Prt Scr then paste that into your Research laboratory 12 worksheet file inside the page offered by pressing Ctrl+V. [copy screen taken over this text]

Answer the subsequent questions.

Problem 13

Why are there two distinct rules intended for the World Wide Web Solutions in the Incoming Rules box? 1 . Every single service require its own regulation. 2 . One rule aplies for Domain name network type and Another rule aplies forPrivate, Community

Question 16

How would the opening in the port you performed in Exercise 12. 3 affect the World Wide Web Companies (HTTP Traffic-In) rules inside the Inbound Guidelines container? The rule we all applied in exercise 13. 3 applies only to Domain type network bydefault. So this rule enable connection to intranet inside your network only andwill block all incoming contacts from outdoors Public, Non-public

Question 12-15

Just how would the rule creation procedure you simply performed fluctuate if you desired to restrict consumer access to the intranet internet site to computers on the community network only? On Profile page. Unchecking the Domain and checkboxes will preventclient access to the intranet website


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