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Compromise of 1850 is considered term paper

Texas Governmental policies, Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, City War

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By then, every single state acquired followed the rule made by the 1820 agreement. California’s desire to be confessed in the Union as a free state achieved the resistance of the Southern region which observed this like a threat in the equilibrium. However , the Compromise had well-balanced this decision by agreeing on the Meandering Slave Regulation, which stipulated serious punishments for any person aiding a fugitive The southern area of slave in the North. From this sense, general opinion was come to and some balance was kept, even though the basics of the democratic cosmetic were held. (Rozwenc, 1957)

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Secondly, there were the matter of political will which decided the desire to reach a middle ground. (Jenkins, 1997) during the 1850 Compromise, the leadership was less divided in terms of slave and Totally free states. As the Union was a relatively new construction, the views stated throughout the personal debates were less intransigent than in the first 1860s. The election of Abraham Lincoln proved important in this impression. Aware of the growing stress arising in the union with regards to the issue of captivity, he advocated, throughout his electoral campaign and subsequent his session, a identified policy of maintaining the Union without exceptions. In this impression, he deemed slavery to become a dividing factor for the Union. In his famous talk “A divided house” Lincoln subsequently underlined the fact that “A house divided against alone cannot stand. I believe this government are unable to endure forever half servant and fifty percent free. I really do not anticipate the Union to be dissolved – I do not anticipate the house to fall – but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It can become most, one thing or perhaps all, the other” (Fehrenbacher, 1989, s. 426). Therefore , he accepted no compromise solution. This could also be viewed as an emphasis on one of the main reasons behind the Civil War that followed.

Finally, compromise was reached in 1850 and failed in 1860 as well due to the fact that the American world was unsuspecting for a major move, either to confess slaves around the entire area, or to abolish the practice in all claims. This was largely due to the fact that, independent of the nature of labor; the North as well as the South were in need of power labor. The difference however lied in the way either side perceived the idea of captivity. Yet, the discussions could have focused even more on the moral aspect of the affair as opposed to the need of slaves. However, in 1861, the political situation converted to such an extent that talks became difficult due to the intransigency of the competing sides.

Overall, it can be stated that the 1850 Compromise was your proof of working out democratic rule, despite it is obvious weak points. It offered a solution for the issues the historical background had brought up; at the same time, nevertheless , it postponed the quality to the unavoidable question of slavery, an issue that only the Civil Battle would sooner or later solve.


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