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Comparative fictional analysis with the articles


Tertullian vs . Clement of Alexandria

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Inside the articles of Tertullian and Clement of Alexandria it can be found that both males adhere to the Christian faith but argue about the essence of Greek viewpoint and learning in accordance to Christianity. Tertullian was obviously a native to Carthage and for that reason probably subjected to many Traditional teachings. He became a Christian and openly opposed pagans and sophists (or “heretics”) as well as emphasized the “sacredness of life as well as the Christian abhorrence of violence. ” He believed Traditional philosophy was essentially non-sense and led people just to question the Christian religion. Clement of Alexandria was a Greek Christian theologian who have combined Christianity with Platonism. He acknowledged Greek theories to be the first step toward Christianity, performing as a “schoolmaster” for the Greeks, planning them to get Christianity.

Tertullian was very acquainted with Greek viewpoint and theories growing in Carthage. If he became a Christian he was probably in the midst of Greek philosophers questioning all aspects of the faith, using their techniques to dissect it and make it logical. Tertullian was frustrated by this and felt that Greek viewpoint held all of them back from believing and basically adhered to the “blind faith” way. In the document he spoke of Aristotle who taught the “art of dialectic” and accompanied by saying, “the art which will destroys as much as it develops. ” Tertullian also adopted with more condemnations of what he thought to be intellectual redundancy and non-sense of Ancient greek language philosophy. Tertullian was blatantly frustrated together with the sophists to get questioning and not blindly sticking with the Christian religion.

Conversely, Clement of Alexandria, who efficiently combined Christianity with Platonism, defended Ancient greek language learning while remaining a Christian theologian. Clement says that viewpoint is the “clear image of the truth” and that “philosophy served as a schoolmaster to the Greeks, preparing them for Christ, as the laws in the Jews prepared them to get Christ. ” To him, Greek beliefs merely paved the way for God’s teachings, “molding character, and fitting him who believes in Providence for the reception of truth. ” This individual further added that by studying Ancient greek teachings, using their emphasis on geometry, music, grammar, and philosophy, Christians can wisely endorse their faith as well as protect it coming from assault. As opposed to Tertullian, once Clement of Alexandria became a Christian he did not feel the need to renounce the Greek teachings and rather used these people in support of the Christian faith.

This difference in thought and belief among Tertullian and Clement of Alexandria could have been due to their site and the moments of which they published the articles. Tertullian might have been surrounded by making use of and ominous philosophers during the time the article was written. Tertullian’s article seems like it was crafted in rush and frustration, frustration that was certainly provoked by sophists. In the article Clement of Alexandria wrote, a single gets the feeling of enjoyment wisdom. This individual seemed to have got written this kind of after very much contemplation and observation. Clement may not have been surrounded by non-believing, overbearing sophists.

There could be numerous explanations as to why Tertullian rejected Ancient greek teachings whereas Clement of Alexandria maintained them. They both, yet , were believers in Christianity during a period when the faith was aged the règle of opinion was still staying shaped.

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