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Close reading and model of the fourth stanza with

This Is an image of Myself

These lines are the next stanza of the poem and therefore are located around in the center of the piece. I believe that the reality the lines are located inside the center is very important because to my opinion these lines signify a turning point inside the poem or in other words sort of catharsis. Quick the composition is mostly interested in the surface level details of the photo including small details like trees and shrubs and homes. The beginning of the poem feels like it simply a poetic explanation of a beautiful scene. However these lines completely replace the tone and mood with the poem. What at first appeared light hearted is now dark and dismal.

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In my experience, these lines signify first the second area of the poem which can be juxtaposed with the first. The first collection in the composition begins “It was taken” and then the queue I chose commences “The photo was taken” which is essentially just a communicating of the initially line and therefore a utilization of repetition. This use of duplication implies as mentioned before, a new chapter in the poem which will give insight and a brand new perspective around the first. The two contrast with one another in several methods but at the same point, they will rely on one another for which means. Essentially the catharsis that happens here is difficult without the preceding lines and our altered perception of such lines is definitely impossible without this simulation.

One other aspect of these types of lines that is certainly crucial to understanding it is the use of the passive tense. Instead of using the active tone of voice and expressing something like “the person took the photo the day after I drowned” she uses the passive by declaring it was used. In writing it can be generally agreed upon that using the passive voice should be prevented so her repeated make use of it makes it notable. Especially given that this can be a composition not writing and your woman likely select her words and style thoroughly. This use of the passive voice is relevant because having your picture taken is a unaggressive act. Though we often think about things like photographs as aim they certainly are generally not. The digital photographer can change several things such as lighting or the viewpoint to make the subject of the photo appear completely different.

And so by using the passive voice, Atwood draws awareness of the unaggressive nature with this photo. The photo is seen as a metaphor for how we see the globe. If we way this coming from a feminist perspective we can see this while how in our patriarchal culture, men create and inform women’s testimonies rather than girls themselves. Atwood says the image was considered the day after the girl drowned and this could be alluding to this truth. Atwood is intending to refer to the fact that having your tales taken from you is in by itself a sort of drowning and in the end death. Offerring yourself through art is known as a vibrant phrase of life while having this stolen and co-opted by simply others for their benefit is death.

So the reality she is publishing this composition is in associated with itself and act of subversion against this misappropriation. Her story was taken from her but in the act of writing, she’s taking it back and now enabling the audience notice it from her perspective. Instead of being the passive subject she is signing up for the energetic role of conveying. Also this is subversive since women have been completely historically viewed as passive beings incapable of crucial or intellectual thought through writing this poem the girl with a living contradiction to this idea. Ultimately I think she is aiming to change the point of view of the market who probably see patriarchy ar normalized through her subversive personal expression

One of many ways she attempts to change the point of view of the viewers is through juxtaposing the top with the precisely what is beneath that and invoking the audience to look deeper. In the series I chose, the usage of parentheses is a critical component of the composition. What may appear to be only mere punctuation is able to help convey the theme I mentioned above. In writing, parentheses are often used to convey information that is supplementary but not crucial to the that means of the word. It is a which means that is in the background but not the forefront. This connects to the fact that the initially part of the poem describes what is on the area of the picture and it is what appears right away to those who have cast their particular gaze upon it.

But Atwood tells the reader that in case you look nearer you will see her under the water. The water below seems to stand for patriarchy and dominant ethnical ideals which distort and hide her from simple view. They not only do this but they have wiped out her within a metaphorical impression as well. They have drowned out her impression of home because they are thus suffocating and constricting. By simply placing this kind of catharsis within just parentheses she’s suggesting that real fact does not put on the surface. Even going into the background the place that the lake is situated is too little. One has to split up themselves from their initial impacts and look over and above the background to see below the area where genuine truth is situated.

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