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City Life During The Mid 1800s Essay

Supply Two: Obtained from the internet site ‘Victorian Web’; 2002 Throughout the first years of Victoria’s reign, bath were virtually unknown inside the poorer districts and unheard of anywhere. The majority of households of economic classes still utilized “privy-pails”; water closets (flush toilets) had been rare. Sewers had toned bottoms, also because drains were made out of stone, seepage was considerable.

If, because was often the case in towns, streets were unpaved, some may remain ankle-deep in mud for weeks. Source 3: 1850s toon; ‘A Court docket for King Cholera’ (From Punch Magazine) Source 4: Henry Mayhew, ‘Jouneys through London’; 1849 W at the then journeyed on to London Street, down which the tidal ditch continues its training course. In Number 1 of the street the cholera first appeared seventeen years ago, and distributed up that with afraid speed; although this year this appeared at the opposite end, and leaped down it with just like severity.

Even as we passed along the reeking banks of the sewer the sun shone upon a narrow go of the water. In the light it came out the colour of strong green tea supplement, and positively looked since solid as black marble in the darkness – indeed it was similar to watery mud than dull water; however we were assured this was the only water the wretched habitants had to drink. As we gazed in fear at it, we found drains and sewers emptying their filthy contents in it; we saw a whole tier of doorless privies in the open road, common to men and women, developed over it; all of us heard bucket after container of dirt splash into it, and the braches of the vagrant boys baths in it seemed by simply pure power of distinction, white while Parian marble.

In this wretched place i was taken to a house where an infant lay deceased of the cholera. We asked if they will really performed drink the water? The answer was, “They were obliged to consume the throw away, without they could plead or thieve a pailful of normal water. ” But they have you spoken to your landlord about having it placed on for yourself? “Yes, friend and he admits that he will undertake it, and do that, but we know him better than to believe him. ” Origin Five; Dad Thames introducing his offspring (Diptheria, Scrofula and Cholera); A cartoon published in 1858 (From Punch Magazine) 2 . Go through source two carefully – Give three threats to health described in the source (3 marks) 3. Study source three carefully. four.

Study source four carefully – Do Henry Mayhew’s comments regress to something easier the views of the cartoonist in source three? (7 marks) your five. Study supply five properly – ‘Dirty water undoubtedly was the key cause of disease in the 1800s’. Do you concur? Explain with regards to any resources you wish as well as your own knowledge. (8 marks)

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