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Cisco wap131 wireless n dual radio get point with

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  • Provides 2 . 4-GHz and 5-GHz clientele cost-efficient 802. 11n interconnection options
  • Provides One Electrical power over Ethernet (PoE) Gigabit Ethernet for connecting to a PoE switch
  • Access point powering up simply by backbone move allowed simply by PD interface.
  • Easy installation and simple web-affiliated configuration and wizard for Straight Out of the package Setup.

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Product Overview

Employees are becoming even more mobile and collaborative than ever before, making this business environment a very active one. To maintain productivity, they require business-class access to network applications throughout the office which are dependable. To maintain connection throughout the office for your staff and friends, the Cisco WAP131 Wireless-N Dual The airwaves Access Level provides a simple, cost-efficient top of the line mobile marketing Dozens of personnel are linked using this versatile solution, which solution can easily scale to allow for additional users and changing business needs.

Concurrent dual band radios are used by the Gresca WAP131 Wireless-N Dual The airwaves Access Level for increased coverage and user ability. The Access Points should be powered by PoE switch by The Gigabit Ethernet, port in reducing cabling and wiring costs. Bandwidth-sensitive traffic is prioritized by its intelligent quality-of-service (QoS) features for voice‘over-IP (VoIP) and video applications.

Easy to set up and use with intuitive wizard-based configuration, the Cisco WAP131 Wireless-N Dual Radio Gain access to Point enables you to get you up and running in less than 10 minutes. With a good desktop pattern which has an integrated stand, the Gain access to Points should be placed on your desk vertically or perhaps horizontally. Wi-Fi Protected Gain access to (WPA) Personal and Business and encoding of all your wireless transmissions with effective encryption, both are supported by the Cisco WAP131 Wireless-N Dual Radio Get Point to boost reliability and safeguard delicate business information. Additionally , 802. 1 X RADIUS authentications are used to help keep unauthorized users out.


  • To maximize ability and protection it helps concurrent dual-band radio support for up to 300 Mbps every radio.
  • High-speed uplink to the ” cable ” network is usually provided by Solitary Gigabit Ethernet LAN user interface.
  • Sensitive business info is shielded by the robust protection, including WPA2, 802. 1X with RADIUS secure authentication, and rogue-access-point detection.
  • Simplicity in deployment and setup in minutes is furnished by its basic installation process and intuitive web-based settings and sorcerer.
  • Quick access and position by Computer’s desktop design with integrated stand.
  • Critical network applications happen to be kept jogging at best performance by the help of Brilliant QoS which usually prioritizes network traffic.
  • Maximum strength efficiency is usually provided by Power-saving sleep function and dock control features.
  • Growth of your network by wi-fi connection to an additional Ethernet network made possible by simply Workgroup Connect mode.
  • As it supports IPv6, foreseeable future networking applications and systems can be deployed without pricey upgrades.
  • Mental Tranquility that comes with Limited lifetime components warranty.

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