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Christopher reeve case study captain christopher

Parkinsons Disease, Activists, Originate Cell Research, Osteoporosis

Excerpt from Composition:

What treatments performed the individual search for? Were any available at enough time?

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Reeve required a major procedure a few days after his accident to change the shattered vertebrae through artificial means. After his operation, having been put through physical rehabilitation and occupational remedy. Eventually he was able to approach his hand, fingers, and feet (Hecht Hecht 2004). He could also breathe devoid of assistance for about 90 minutes. Intense physical therapy continued over the remainder of his life. Other treatment options he received included: weight bearing exercises, calcium supplements, and medication to reverse osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones which takes place frequently to paraplegics.

Reeve sought further means of overcoming his incapacity, particularly with stem cell research. Through this therapy, embryonic stem cellular material or, fewer often , adult stem skin cells are brought to the broken body which and enables the body to regenerate destroyed tissue. It has been shown to help patients with spinal injuries like Reeve’s as well as circumstances like Parkinson’s.

5. What are the research effects of the case study? How would this help scientists and doctors better understand the disorder or disease? How performed this case support scientists and doctors better understand how the brain works?

Reeve was one of the prominent people to bring focus on the issues of spinal accidents and of the negative consequences for individuals when insurance providers dictate treatment. His amazing rehabilitation and progress confirmed the technological community what individuals could defeat provided that they had the equipment and the dedication for this. Although the personal injury in question has not been one associated with the brain alone, the stressed system was involved in Reeve’s injury. In a very helmet eliminated him coming from doing mind damage. The investigation that the Christopher Reeve Groundwork has conducted and supported has shown the effects of stem cellular material on spine injuries and also other neurological circumstances (Reeve 2009).


Christopher Reeve’s car accident shows the top of ongoing stem cell research. Working together with scientists in both Israel and the United States, he attempted to make the authorities see might be done intended for paralyzed people like himself through the use of originate cells. The Israeli government has less interference in the scientific exploration because of socialized medicine which eliminates a defieicency of profit margin which in the usa can be a extreme hindrance in research. If there is seen to get more revenue in treating an ailment than in treating it, the pharmaceutical firm and other aspects of the health care industry will be more likely to try to block furthering successful analysis.

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