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Christian worldview and law enforcement

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Excerpt from Essay:

Law enforcement officials and a Christian Worldview

Law enforcement may be one of the most ethically demanding professions, next to the people who act as criminal legal professionals, judges or in the health care profession. Police professionals, besides putting their own lives and safety in danger every day, are constantly required to comprehend the high stakes world of ethics and morality. These individuals are often place in ethically devious situations daily, and are generally affronted with a of the most disturbing displays of human habit that have ever been presented. A Christian Worldview can be a good asset to one of these individuals, in that it might assist in leading him or her through morally nebulous situations and in finding a route which is most humane. Police professionals, at their best, are engaging in the effort of the Master, helping to do their best in the fight of good against nasty. Actively employing a Christian Worldview is beneficial for the average police officer as it safeguards that professionally and personally they are regularly kept safe.

A worldview identifies a distinct group of beliefs or perhaps paradigms through which people are better suited understand the globe, the human state and the place in the world. A Christian Worldview is one that is seen as the following opinion pillars: an absolute God is out there, God built the galaxy, man is manufactured in The lord’s image, all people deserve admiration and exclusive chance, man was handed dominion over creation simply by God, Christ is mankind’s hope for redemption, the Scriptures is the phrase of Our god, and The almighty provides for his creation (Slick, 2014). Thus, in this point of view, it’s easy to see how a Christian worldview will be beneficial to somebody working in law enforcement officials. Even crooks are worth being remedied like human beings: criminals will be worthy of the standard due means of law. In many respects, that thanks process commences with the police officer. A officer with a Christian worldview is never going to take a situation in which he engages in something similar to police violence or is definitely accused of undue push or other forms of less than professional aggression. A Christian worldview will help to make certain that he regularly engages him self with the greatest levels of career, decorum and respect all the time. This obviously comes at an advantage for law enforcement officer, as it helps to keep him safe, and out of the eyesight of

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