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Child Observations Essay

Target kid Child statement details Time of declaration: 28th 12 , 2011 Period I saw very good hand and eye co ordination when he was employing his excellent pincer understand while he was drawing. This individual didn’t really have a preferred hand when he used both hands but primarily his proper.

He appeared to enjoy drawing which is outstanding for his fine electric motor skills. He completed the job of getting the pencils out of your case employing his thumb, fore little finger and middle finger. During my observation I didn’t view the child exploit toys yet this doesn’t mean that the kid is unable to do this. As it was in the evening “TC” was easily distracted.

His attentiveness levels were very low. “TC” showed no issue to run and walk and was extremely steady on his feet. This was observed when his Nan called him over to the kitchen. Again this kind of showed very good control of human body movement.

This could be considered the usual for his age appropriate activity creation. “TC” got no problem in using his palmer grasp as he was picking up the pencils together with his fist and colouring doing this, he would keep the pencil limited with his thumb. “TC” could perform a extremely delicate method with the sight influencing the fingers. In respect to Piaget, Piaget shows that a child learns because of items happening to them e. g. praise and listening to advice from his personal actions. In respect to Piaget children are lively in their own development and use experience to develop a comprehension of the world.

Suggestions During my observation I noticed that “TC” was obviously a bit fatigued but do very well though if he had had a nap earlier that day he would have been more assertive. The role in the adult in promoting physical creation is making sure the mature helps the kid get enough sleep and rest. He had no affinity for activities only the television until his Nan called him.

I recommend that more activities are provided for “TC” like working, outdoor play and going swimming to help develop his gross motor abilities. Games such as playing with hindrances, play- bread and sand could help develop fine motor unit skills. To obtain the that “TC” has more space to play as he was restricted to the kitchen stand while his Nan was preparing and cooking the dinner.

Adults should give a safe and hygienic environment for the kid to play and I do not think that the kitchen was a safe place while the Nan was food preparation. Personal learning I discovered what the physical norm for the child is usually and how children develop differently. It is important you show the in what your child is doing and how much you should praise and encourage these people.

I learned that it is important that you correct a child when they are incorrect but in the best way that they won’t feel undermined. I learned its essential you introduce various activities to the kid to help them develop their fine and gross motor abilities. I saw just how “TC” got bored conveniently so their important to keep them interested and active. I now know how important you should be a good role style as kids will copy adults in everything they certainly no matter how fresh they are.

I learned how important health and basic safety is especially with young children. I actually learned simple things like the right way to do a physical observation and just how a check-lists works. I now realise that young children require so much of the adult’s time and attention. I discovered Piaget was a good theorist for Physical development.

Evaluation method Through this observation Choice to do a tips so I acquired it prepared before the statement took place. Ahead of the observation I did quiet some research on emotional development.

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