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Child observation Essay

All of the children at Gerber Kindergarten are involving the ages of three and 5 years old and mainly consist of lower to lower middle category Hispanic and Caucasian families. Mya is a small statured 3 year old Hispanic Caucasian female, with light olive-toned skin, lengthy brown curly hair, and large darkish eyes. Toby is a normal statured 5 year old Black male, fair-skinned, blue-eyed, short brown locks.

Toby and Mya both equally seem to be in good physical heath. Christ is a a little bit above average statured 4 year old Hispanic guy, with dark brown skin, short spikey black hair and brown eyes. Spanish can be Jesus main language at home but is encouraged to speak The english language at college.

Mya, Toby, and Christ all is very much right handed down and in very good physical heath. Description of Setting: The observation program began in Tuesday May 7, 2013, at roughly 10: 00 AM in Gerber, A bunch of states; the preschool has two adults and 8-10 youngsters. All the children were with waiting leaving out the backside door towards the playground. The playground featured a large fenced off region with a large grassy area and the school flower pickup bed covered by a sizable shade woods, large concrete slab with tricycles and tetherball, perform house, fine sand box, and enormous gym arranged.

There is a variety of activities available for the children to play including: kickball, bubble also, tetherball, hopscotch, jump rope, sports, etc . Major Observation: Commence time 12: 00 AM on Wednesday, May several, 2013 twelve: 00- Toby impatiently stands in line telling Jesus I’m going to be the former on the playground Jesus yells No We am! two people behind them Mya and Jessica are holding hands laughing and whispering in each other’s ears. Many people are squirming regarding unable to take a seat still waiting for the just do it to head outside the house. 10: 05- The children run outside upon the lawn and get ready for story time. Jesus shouts Rainbow Fish once he sees the book inside the teacher’s hands.

Mya excitingly says I want a offers a fish to Jesus, he in return says I want one too. All the children sit down and so the teacher may begin the storyline. 10: 10- During the account Toby was unable to start to see the book and yells to his teacher Aren’t you going to encounter it in my experience.

He has been disruptive getting out of bed and interrupting the tutor. Toby is very energetic and begins to obtain restless playing with whatever is his reach. He starts off disturbing Jessica until the teacher asks him to settle-back down and stop disturbing other folks Toby than sits down again and begins whining that he is unable to see the publication again.

10: 15- At the end of the story the instructor asks your children Why did Rainbow Seafood give away his scales? Jesus instantly stood up and said Because having been alone and wanted friends Toby says Now this individual has no more rainbow weighing machines. 15: 20- The students is now on free time for the remainder of the day. All the children right away take off working for the playground; Toby and Christ immediately choose the tricycles.

Although Mya travelled straight intended for the blossom bed to dig with the shovel and buckets that were there. twelve: 25- Christ, Toby, and another son raced forward and backward across the sidewalk a couple times but quickly lost interest in the tricycles and more interested in what the various other children had been doing. 12: 30- Toby ran to where Mya was and Mya stated Let’s enjoy house the youngsters discussed where they would live and what part they can act out. Toby excitedly cried Ok, I’m the daddy, and Mya says I’m the mommy, and two other very little boys Gauge and Angel are the sons.

10: 35- Mya operates over to the play house and starts putting yellow sand in a container and will act as if she actually is cooking although Toby makes the fire. Christ walks as well as picks up Mya’s bucket, your woman instantly acquired mad in Jesus and hit him. Jesus remaining crying and she explained He didn’t say make sure you, so keep me only. The girl than caught up her tongue out at him, an additional girl by the name of Jessica informed the tutor.

The educator told Mya that if perhaps she couldn’t talk nice and share she would have to select another region to play. twelve: 40- After the incident Toby moves to a container of pockets with three or more wands, shaded green, magenta, and green. Toby and Jesus whack bubbles collectively. No pockets were appearing out of Toby’s wand, so he blew with increased force.

Toby takes his wand towards the teacher. He brought his wand again, dipped it in the bubble bucket and flung it. 10: 45- Mya provides the purple bubble wand and Toby goes over to Mya and attempts to take it away from her.

Mya starts to make noises of being annoyed but quickly gets over that when the additional children get started popping the bubbles and she ties in squealing and having a laugh. 10: 50- The tutor blows her whistle to signal for the children it’s time to cleanup and go into. Mya quickly grabs the bubble bucket yelling I got the bubbles when Jesus and Toby raced to the door to line up with no picking up nearly anything. 10: 55- All the children walked back to the class space and were instructed to sit at a table.

Toby got up from the table and just a little boy known as Gauge took his couch. He attempted to get the interest of the teacher but the girl was occupied with an additional child, therefore he taken Gauge by shirt and start to weep saying get out my chair Gauge refused to maneuver. Once the instructor finally have got to them they’d already begun to tussle a bit. Toby and Gauge were both put in time out however they had to apologize to each other.

11: 00- End of observation. Examination: Gender personality is the notion of one self as female or male (pg. 252). All three children show sexuality identity when they discuss the roles of 1 another to learn house, with Mya staying the mother, Jesus the father, and Gauge and Angel as the sons. Mya also shows gender identification when she pretends to cook while playing home as well.

On-page 254 supportive play can be described as kids playing with one another taking turns, playing games, etc . Mya, Toby, and Jesus demonstrate cooperative play as well as make-believe perform throughout their game of house that they coordinated concepts together as a group. Cooperative enjoy is also apparent when the kids play with the bubbles. The text on page 264 states that aggression is definitely an intentional injury or perhaps harm to somebody else. Mya showed aggression by hitting Christ when your woman became upset at him.

Toby as well displayed aggression when he got Gauge in an attempt to get his chair backside. In sum all of the children seem to be showing appropriate cultural and mental behavior and skills normal of their age group.

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