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Chemical exposure public health concerns

Environmental Protection, The, Lung Malignancy, Environmental Technology

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Chemical Exposure, Public Health Worries, Environmental Effect

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Chemical Well being Effects

A. ) Mercury

Health Risks

Neurological damage (adolescent)

Neurological harm and developing disabilities (in utero, neonatal stage)

Low I. Queen

B. ) Asbestos

Health hazards

lung tumor

breathing difficulty


C. ) Lead

Health Risks

Mental Retardation

Stunted Growth

Visual/Hearing Impairment

G. ) Radon

Health Risks

Chest Cancer


Mercury is definitely identified as an environmental danger and of superb concern to public health. Mercury is dangerous to essential organs and is deadly the moment entered into the bloodstream in quantities greater than trace amounts. Recently, mercury has been noticed in oceanic fish that are caught in the crazy and sold at markets and fish found at reservoirs.

“Mercury has become found in striped bass (Micropterus salmoides) from five South Carolina reservoirs. According to investigators, “mercury concentrations in largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) striper were in comparison among five reservoirs in South Carolina. Three of these reservoirs (Lake Russell, Lake Thurmond, and Lake Marion) are accessible to the public and two (L-Lake and Equiparable Pond) are situated on the U. S. Section of Energy’s Savanna River Site (SRS), which is closed to community access. inches (NewsRx, 2006)

The implication is the U. S. DoE has probably released excess mercury, containing drained in these ponds and reservoirs. Most professional sites happen to be major environmental hazards as the release chemical compounds into the environment. The DoE is similar to non-public industrial functions such that chemical compounds are also produced into the environment that causes substantial damage to the eco system and creates major health hazards intended for the population at-large.

However , “no mercury concentrations in excess of the U. H. Food and Drug Administration action level (1. 0mg/kg) had been found in any kind of bass from the public-accessible reservoirs. However , almost all fish from these reservoirs acquired mercury concentrations that fall into or go beyond the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency consumption group of ‘no multiple per week’. (NewsRx)

“Researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine predicted (in 2000) the total annual cost of dropped productivity linked to IQ disability from mercury pollution was U. H. 1 . several billion. Into the medical groups cited widely accepted technological research explaining mercury as a ‘potent neurotoxicant’ that can trigger developmental and learning problems, reduce IQ, and impair motor function, vision and hearing. inch (ANJ, 2005)


Asbestos has been in this news as a public welfare threat for more than a half century. The problem with asbestos is not in the material itself, but also in the release of fibers coming from asbestos into the air and into man lungs. Implications are finest with regard to asbestos contamination inside the school establishing and with construction/mining workers.

“Corn is usually convinced the fact that question of risk-whether there is certainly more risk in removing asbestos components or going out of them in place-should have already been seen as a clinically settled concern. The EPA exaggerated dangers and avoided uncertainties, although Congress did not take time to understand the science and passed a law that encouraged educational institutions to carry on with high-risk asbestos abatement. Yet in the event the point is actually a high degree of confusion and controversy, Corn’s apparent letdown in a puzzled policy outcome seems sporadic. ” (Kovarik, 2007)

“Asbestos is an occupational and environmental danger of catastrophic proportions. Asbestos has been responsible for over two hundred, 000 deaths in the United States, and it will cause thousands more fatalities worldwide. The profound tragedy of the the product epidemic is the fact all health issues and fatalities related to the product are entirely preventable. inches (LaDou, Landrigan, Bailar, Foa, 2001)

“The toll of illness and death amongst asbestos personnel in mining, construction, and heavy sector is recognized. ” (LaDou, Landrigan, Mover, Foa, 2001)


Lead is another popular threat and is of very best danger to children and those within industrial environments where business lead is known or is commonly applied. “Lead poses a serious environmental health risk to youthful

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