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Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Stem Cell, Control Cell Analysis

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. the absence of any agreement about how HIV triggers AIDS, the only evidence that HIV really does cause HELPS is relationship. Just as you will discover cases of AIDS [4, 621 cases registered in the materials, 1, 691 of them inside the U. S i9000. A. ] without HIV, you will find cases of HIV-positive folks who remain healthy for more than 10 years and who also may under no circumstances suffer from AIDS. It is also possible that a lot of rare traces of HIV exist which can be benign… Several homosexual males in the U. S. who have been infected with HIV no less than eleven years show as yet no indications of damage to their immune devices. ” (Thomas, Mullins, Meeks, 1994)

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These kinds of long-term remainders must be researched to “ascertain whether something unusual of the immune devices explains their response or whether they take an avirulent strain with the virus, ” yet another confirmed unclassified and mutated strain. (Thomas, Mullins, Johnson, 1994) but there may be still desire that in spite of the uncertain relationship between HIV and AIDS, and the development of new formsof the computer virus that experts will be able to control further mutations and enable individuals to live healhtier lives, with less recourse to medications. In 2001, two sets of scientists reported that people with HIV are less likely to die coming from AIDS in the event concurrently infected with a safe virus referred to as GBV-C. “One of the study groups in 2003 revealed a system by which this protection may be conferred. GBV-C decreases the amount of [available] receptors on the surface of a cellular, limiting the number of HIV engaging in cells. inch (Science News, 2003) This kind of protects the person and reduces the possiblities of changement – two bright areas in an otherwise dark and uncertain distance of research

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