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Challenges of caregiving dissertation

Data Collection, Stroke, Health-related Facility, Health-related Services

Research from Article:

We. Statement of the Phenomenon interesting

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1 . Is the phenomenon of interest clearly determined?

In the article, Steiner ou al., (2009) explained just how web-based tactics influence the decisions by stroke survivors to use healthcare services inside their first season of restoration. The writers used an experimental design and style to test the caregivers and in the investigation of the effects of web-affiliated interventions which the patients desired.

2 . Provides the researcher discovered why the phenomenon requires a qualitative file format?

The study undertaking by the research workers was qualitative because it necessary the collection of data from supplementary sources of chosen participants and additional analysis prior to conclusions could be drawn.

3. Are the philosophical underpinnings with the research defined?

The need to undertake the research was premised on the fact that over 80% from the stroke remainders within the initial year after surgery even though the remaining 20% percent necessary first interest from caregivers. The use of web-based interventions during this time period vs . non-use influenced the study.

II. Goal

1 . Is the purpose of conducting the research produced explicit?

The goal of conducting was clearly particular as two-pronged. The initially research question sought to find the reasons and motivations at the rear of stroke remainders in employing healthcare solutions during their 1st year of recovery. The second question searched for to identify the existence of any big difference between sufferers that used web-based interventions and those who have did not.

installment payments on your Does the investigator describe the projected significance of the work to nursing?

The analysts have shown how a study can be significant to the nursing discipline. For instance, throughout the study, nurses will prefer the reasons why cerebrovascular accident survivors use healthcare companies, learn techniques for dealing with post-stroke complications and find out how to connect and educate the survivors on coping with the problems related to recovery. With the know-how, the nursing staff can be in a position to develop appropriate educational programs to help heart stroke survivors when dealing with the challenges. The role of web-based concours is emphasized.

III. Technique

1 . Is the method accustomed to collect info compatible with the purpose of the research?

The purposive descriptive design was appropriate towards the research goal because it allowed the researchers to choose their very own samples within their preferred health-related settings. Furthermore, the focus on the one-year recovery period enabled the research workers to focus on the efficiency of web-based interventions vs . non-use among the people recovering from a stroke.

installment payments on your Is the method adequate to deal with the happening of interest?

Offered the conclusions drawn, I believe that the method is adequate in addressing the phenomenon. Yet , improvements may be made by increasing the sample size and the area under study. Because seen in the study, only 73 persons participated inside the study from Michigan and Ohio. Maybe increasing the sample size can help in enhancing the reliability of the conclusions attracted.

IV. Testing

The experts described clearly how they chosen their samples. The members had to be patients of heart stroke within the initially year of recovery. The description as well shows that they focused that they research to Northern Kansas and The southern part of Michigan among 2002 and 2004. The sampling offers categorically recently been stated as purposive and descriptive.

The informants used in the research were appropriate because they were cerebrovascular accident survivors and seeking web-based healthcare surgery from caregivers.

V. Info Collection

The information collection techniques focused on human experience since it focused on the interventions adopted by caregivers of the stroke survivors. The information collection technique involved the use of bi-monthly phone interviews in stroke survivors on the causes of visiting the clinics and for what reason they would stay overnight in the facilities. The 1999 NHIS survey questions were modified for this research.

The issue of safeguarding the subjects or data vividness has not been dealt with. Nevertheless, the info collection methods are direct.

VI. Info analysis

The primary strength of the article lies in the simple fact that the creators have utilized an trial and error approach to displaying the main communication. The method is usually invaluable as it enhances the credibility of results and the a conclusion made. Moreover, it presents facts that have been tested and proven therefore reliable. In must be pointed out that the experts

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