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Case relating to maritime delimitation and

Court, Dispute Resolution

Upon July eight, 1991 Qatar filed the courtroom proceedings against Bahrain regarding the following differences over sovereignty issues of Hawar Island destinations, shoal of Dibal and Quit’at Jaradah, and delimitation of the maritime areas of the two states.

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Qatar and Bahrain have a long pending case relating to sovereignty and delimitation concerns mentioned above. In 1987, a tripartite panel was formed that was composed of representatives coming from Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The committee was formed “for the goal of approaching the International The courtroom of Justice” in order to decide the issues. The main purpose was going to finally create a binding guideline between Qatar and Bahrain by submitting the application towards the ICJ.

During the group meetings of the tripartite committee, Bahrain transmitted a text (Bahraini Formula) to Qatar which stated that they would area Court decide over the matter. In 1990, the functions reaffirmed which the tripartite panel will only be using the office of Saudi Arabia just until May 1991, and any subject after the time would then be forwarded in accordance to the Bahraini solution to the Worldwide Court of Justice.

Bahrain competitive the ICJ’s jurisdiction within the case. Bahrain contended that both contracts in years 1987 and 1990 weren’t proof of international agreements, and pursues which the matter was inadmissible to the Court. About July 1, 1994, the Court concluded that both negotiating in years 1987 and 1990 were recognized as worldwide agreements and were holding to each.


Whether the exchange of letters between Qatar and Bahrain in 1987, and the Moments in 1990 should be cared for as capturing international contracts and are sources of obligation to become complied with.


Yes. An international agreement have been created from the exchange of letters in 1987, plus the Minutes in 1990, as a result, making the parties obliged to recognize the Court’s legislation over the matter and are guaranteed to the decision in the Court.


Worldwide agreements happen to be binding among the list of parties with the matter. Because of this, get-togethers who have published themselves for the agreements should certainly treat similar to a regulation of regulation. Rights and obligations are set up which are deemed to be followed and respected. Bahrain, although declaring that this individual didn’t created a contract in support of signed the Minutes within the negotiation procedure with Qatar, willfully agreed upon and acknowledged that the matter be posted to the ICJ when after six months the great office of Saudi Arabia defintely won’t be able to negotiate the issue, hence the Courtroom has jurisdiction over the circumstance.

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