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Business aziz industries has sales composition

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EBIT is $98, 500 in this case. Today to find total interest, you must find the eye rate and multiply that by the total loan. The business enterprise requires $565, 500 of assets, thus let us established our base at that. Grow that by. 075 (the interest rate) and 1 gets 40, 412. a few total interest payable (in one year). Divide EBIT by total interest payable, and you acquire 2 . three or more. Now the corporation needs to raise the TIE by decreasing the eye earned.

Simply set the total interest payable (the just changing variable) to x to obtain 98, 500/x = 4. 0. Break down by absolutely no, divide by simply four, and you get $24, 625 total payable curiosity. At 7. 5%, the overall loan will be $328, 333. The debt rate would in that case be $328, 333 divided by total assets, 565, 000. Which results in a. five debt proportion.

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3) LeCompte Corp. provides $312, 900 of possessions, and it uses only common equity capital (zero debt). Its revenue for the last year were $620, 000, and its net income after taxes was $24, 655. Stockholders lately voted within a new management team which has promised to lower costs and get the go back on fairness up to 15%. What profit margin might LeCompte need in order to obtain the 15% ROE, holding everything else regular?

ROE is simply net income divided by the shareholder’s equity. The internet income can be $24, 655. Shareholder’s collateral represents the quantity of equity shareholder’s hold in the company. Seeing that all capital is increased on prevalent equity capital, then all the capital is usually raised simply by shareholders. That also means that every assets bought by the firm were indirectly bought by stockholders. Thus divide 24, 655 simply by 312, 900 and you’ll reach the ROE, which is about 7. 8%. Assuming that value is frequent, in order to get an ROE of 15, you would probably need to change the net income to $46, 935. That’s the profit margin you would need to keep to get a 15% ROE.

4) Muscarella Inc. has the next balance sheet and income assertion data:


$14, 1000

Accounts payable

$42, 000


75, 000

Other current financial obligations

28, 1000


210, 000

Total CL

seventy dollars, 000

Total CA

$294, 000

Long-term debt

75, 000

Net fixed property

126, 1000

Common collateral

280, 500

Total property

$420, 500

Total liab. And fairness

$420, 500


$280, 000

Net gain

$21, 500

The new CFO thinks that inventories will be excessive and may be decreased sufficiently to cause the latest ratio to equal the industry common, 2 . seventy, without impacting either revenue or net income. Assuming that inventories are

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