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Bread Talk Marketing Analysis Essay

BREADS TALK GROUP (Bakery) 5. Economic: There is also a rise in salary for most middle section and low income earners, producing the bread sold selling price inelastic since it is a smaller proportion of the wage earned. Breads talk will always enjoy a demand for their food handling business products. * Demographic: There is an increase in Singapore’s Population (overcrowding) from past years, more people may cause an increase in with regard to such bakeries. * Traditions: It is Asian’s habit to have supper/ tea and hence offering of bread can be used because snacks of these breaks.

For that reason there will always be a demand for these snacks. * Technology: Bread talk consulted best R& D teams to create more types of bread. 40 novel recipes conceptualized with all the input of international bakery consultants within its Exploration & Advancement team. Fantastic Euro breads series wires the taste and quality of European breads and features them with a variety of Asian flavors, such as drunken longan, black sesame, spinach and sweet potato. * Competition: Additionally, there are many bakery shops which have been well known just like Four Leaves, Crystal Jade, Cake Record, Begawan Single etc . that happen to be in close vicinity of Bread talk.

Customers may choose to buy breads in different shops relating to their likes and personal preferences Market: 5. Increases efficiency and enables more versatility when sourcing for retail space. * Rapid expansion in the Bread Speak brand. 5. Strengthened Company presence: Build RamenPlay, Loaf of bread talk, Bread toasted Box plus the icing space together in Nex obtain financial benefits through cost savings due to distributed expenditure ( set up costs) * Even more charity work being done/ sharing all their success: To indicate 10th wedding anniversary, BreadTalk agreed 5 mere cents from every Floss Bun sold to Straits Times University Pocket Money Fund, increased $50, 1000 for needy school children.

2. Objective: Gain revenue and also to satisfy customer’s desire for snacks, especially during breakfast and tea time because most of the people usually take bread or perhaps pastries during this time 2) Place: 25 outlets in Singapore. Some locations includes: Moderado, Bugis passageway, Paragon, Tiong Bahru Plaza, Novena Sq, Jurong Stage Shopping Centre, Marriott Lodge, Tang Plaza, Junction 8Shopping Centre, Great World Metropolis, Capitol Building, Turf City, Parkway Parade, HDB Hub (Toa Payoh), Tampines Nearby mall etc Aim: Locating all over the place allows the client to buy their particular bread everywhere! 3) Price: Min. value: $1. 00.

Max. price: $2. 00 Objective: Costed averagely so that people can pay for the bread b. Advertisements/Television/Banners to attract other folks cheaper cost during anniversary month: Bread talk plan tagline “Breadtalk gets you Talking”, c. Use of their own brand plastic bag, pamphlet and discount codes also function as a type of advertising to attract new clients wherever and whenever the name carries it. deb. Loyalty card-Spend above $5, you will get a stamp on your card. With correct number of plastic stamps, they are able to redeem a free bun.

Flaws 5. Decline in sales was due to some outlets’ organization not succeeding, leading to income and income made by various other outlets to travel wasted since earning simply cannot overcome loss made. 2. The popular ‘Chicken Floss Bun´ idea was stolen by other bakery shops. Bread Talk pushed onto the losing aspect as competitor sells the product at lower prices price out-grew satisfaction!

Advancements made: Industry Penetration: 1) Bread talk can have got delivery solutions 2) Bread talk sell using press carts 3) Conduct even more lucky attracts to encourage more purchase of breads Product Development 1) Produce Minis Bread like Several Leaves so that consumers arrive at taste and definitely will go for the normal one if the flavours are nice 2) Create specific type of breads during celebrations like CNY, Christmas Market Development 1) Open a location to sit and eat ( Elizabeth. g. Café) to allow ppl to rest and interaction /not just buy and go 2) Open even more shops in residential areas ( beneath HDB apartments etc . ) so that it is far more convenient to get residents | Diversification 1) Invent new bread flavors that buyers like by simply surveying them before that 2) A comprehensive portfolio of products:  Bread talk gives over 150 varieties of bread, buns, pastries and cakes overall. Breadtalk constantly features new products to cater to customers’ changing likes.

It currently introduces around 10 items every several months 3) Strategic Spots: located at strategic and accessible places to attract prospective customers as having high consumer traffic flow (near public transportation systems, retail outlets, cinemas) Weakness 1) Costs: products will be priced above the products of other bakeries, which might cause customers to choose another brand 2) Selection of Products: products limited to bread and cake in comparison to Bengawan Solitary with pastries choices Possibilities 1) Character of Products: Bread is a asset and can be offered anywhere in the world. There is a high potential for global progress since there is also a constant consumer demand for bread expanding of business abroad 2) Different Markets: BreadTalk has falsified partnerships currently in Indonesia, China (Shanghai) Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan ROC plus the Middle East (Kuwait, Arab saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and UAE), India and Hong Kong.

Threats 1) Product/Brand Idea Replication Breadtalk faces the threat of product/brand strategy replication simply by other bakeries especially in parts which Breadtalk has not embarked into (eg USA). 2) Competition by Direct and Indirect Competition: – roundabout competitors contain specialized bakeries like Doughnut Factory, that are currently equally capturing elevating consumer fascination.

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