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Bananafish just why performed seymour eliminate

Photo walking in a hotel room and finding a gentleman dead on a bed. Upon closer inspection it becomes obvious that this individual has allegedly taken his own lifestyle with the gun that put beside him. In discussing with his better half who was asleep on the pickup bed next to him once this event occurred, it really is learned that he just strolled in the door and shot himself late the previous night time. Out of the many questions that could be asked out of this story, I believe that it is probably extremely important to consider for what reason the main persona, Seymour Goblet, decided to make suicide.

The things i believe to be the reason for Seymours suicide features two basic components: the spiritual depravity of the world around him, wonderful struggle with his own religious shortcomings. The spiritual trouble of the outside the house world is often a matter of materials greed, especially in the west, and materialism. However, his personal spiritual is actually more a matter of mental greed and true spiritualism.

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In responding to the suicide, the difference must be distinguished between your See Even more Glass that people see through very little Sybils eye, and the Seymour Glass we see through the eyes from the adult world. Even though the two of these characters happen to be in theory precisely the same man, they can be slightly different in some ways. You could also say that they are the same character in several stages of development. Whatever the case may be, the reasons for the suicide change slightly in emphasis since the character alterations.

A Perfect Day time for Bananafish attempts to represent that the bananas in Observe More Glasss story stand for all of the items which are consumed along the journey to adulthood. If pursued with excessive zeal, these bananas can prevent religious development and lead to a greater materialistic creation. See-More has realized that he cannot eliminate enough bananas to make further spiritual improvement in this life, so , instead of waste time, he commits committing suicide. This is a bit obvious if he is taking the elevator look out onto his room on the nights the suicide. His fixation upon his feet, which do not resemble the childlike foot that he desires to include, and the girl in the elevators scorn towards Seymours accusing her of staring at his feet, travel him to dislike the adult universe even more. Dr. murphy is the bananafish who cannot get away the hole and achieve the spiritualism and childlike characteristics that this individual so wants. In his opinion, he believes that this committing suicide will give him the chance that he wants and needs: to start out all over again.

The anti-materialism in the story must has to be regarded in speaking about the suicide. Salinger, perhaps still slightly reluctant in 1948 to abandon his own anti-materialism that appears to me to get an early preoccupation of his, in favor of straightforward materialism and anti-spiritualism, leaves much of the previous scattered throughout thestory.

Seymours wife, Muriels name the two looks and sounds like the phrase material. This can possibly represent that your woman, like her mother, is shallow, fashion-conscious, and not willing to learn German in order to browse delicate, world-weary poets like Rilke. Doing damage to Seymour even more is Sybils reference to the greedy tigers in Small Black Sambo and her connection to Eliots Wasteland. This kind of suggests that possibly this vibrant girl has started to develop a problem with materials fixation and spiritual disregard. These stresses of anti-materialism in the tale complicate the suicide because they suggest that Seymour is usually opting away of a globe that is also materially keen for him, instead of one out of which this individual himself is liable for his very own unhappiness and spiritual depravity. Both pieces of conditions, Seymours individual intellectual avarice along with the general material avarice by which he can sure, genuinely contribute to his suicide.

The reasons for Seymours suicide are thus proven to be muddled in Bananafish, with several different factors coming into play. The model of Seymour obtained from the storyline is that he can troubled by simply his personal spiritual weak points the result of too much intellectual treasure as much as by the shortcomings with the people as well as the world about him. These factors in the end lead to his suicide.

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