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Bad girls avoid die dissertation

Katie Alender was born and in South Fl in the late 1970s. She is the next of four children, three ladies and one boy, which is the child Katie is a graduate of the California State University Film School and is currently living in Oregon where the girl works as a maker and copy writer. She is another of four children (three girls and a boy) as well as the child of three very loving and encouraging parents. The writer enjoys composing, reading, sewing (especially quilts), practicing pilates, photography, browsing friends’ sites, eating scrumptious high-calorie food, and getting together with her spouse, Chris, and her rotten rotten Not so serious King Charles spaniel, Winston.

When she is not books or producing television shows, the girl with usually seen in her regular sewing room, making things on her behalf friends, her dog, or even her friends’ dogs! Katie Alender has written three books, ‘Bad Girls May Die’, ‘From Bad to Cursed’, and her latest novel, ‘As Dead as it Gets’.

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The title ‘Bad Girls Avoid Die’ was influenced by the song ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, that has been popular almost 50 years ago. Katie published down ‘Bad Girls May Die’ being a joke, nevertheless ironic enough, everybody with the publisher cherished it.

Portion 03 ” Alexis

Alex Warren provides pink locks and green eyes. The sole thing Alexis really cares about is definitely photography. The young secondary school student’s life changes the moment Kasey, Alexis’s little sister, is performing stranger than ever before. Her green eyes living green when she actually is mad, your woman uses out-dated language, and she possibly loses a record of chunks of time, claiming to find out nothing about her unusual behavior.

Their particular old residence is changing, too. Gates open and close by themselves, water comes on the unlit stove, and an unplugged air conditioner turns the old residence cold enough for the two girls to observe their breathing come out of all their mouths. Alexis wants to think that it’s bleary her brain, but quickly, what she liked to think of as ridiculous living place tricks have grown to be life threatening, to her, her family members, and to her new flourishing relationship with the class director, Carter. Alexis knows she actually is the only one who can stop Kasey, but what in the event that green eyed woman isn’t actually Kasey any more?

Part apr ” Small Characters

Kasey ” Alexis’s younger sis, who obtain possessed by the ghost with the young woman who was killed in their yard. Carter ” The student human body president and Alexis’s admirer. Megan ” Alexis’s arch nemesis Megan Wiley, who also happens to be the captain from the cheerleading team. Doom Team ” Several Goth persons Alexis utilized to hang out with.


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