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Atlantis book essay

The publication had several time periods in it. This started in the Cambodian jungles in the

year 800 A. D. It goes to the Bermuda Triangle in the year 1945. After that

all of us go ahead over time back to Cambodia in 1968. Finally, to the current, where

almost all of the story occurs. Characters Leading part: He is Richard Dane, a great

ex-special ops during the Vietnam War. This individual has a exceptional power where he can

experience certain things such as upcoming threat and interacting

telepathically. Villain: This is a mysterious green mist. It is located by

three key spots: the Bermuda Triangular, the Devils Sea in Japan, and the

jungles of Cambodia. Major Characters: Eric Dane, Forman, Flaherty, Lawrence

Freed, Beastly, Bad thing Fen, Ariana Michelete, Paul Michelet, and Patricia Conners.

Plot Explain the storyline: A strange misting has been in the Cambodian tropics for

many years and nobody is aware of what it is. All they find out is if some thing goes in

that never comes out. In present day, a plane of a corporations wealthy owner

decreases, with his girl onboard. This individual assembles a team led by the one particular man

that has made it away alive, Eric Dane, plus they head into it. Meanwhile, the

mist is growing rapidly. They need to rescue the daughter trying to stop the

mist from expanding worldwide. Describe the plot in more detail: The story

starts off in the historical city of Angkor Kol Ker. The water about the city offers

evaporated due to a drought and everybody is usually evacuating as the mist is usually

coming. Forty five warriors have got stayed behind but they dont last long. It goes

to 1945. America is setting up an experiment with the Bermuda Triangle and the

air in the Cambodian jungles which has a man named Forman in charge. Something should go

wrong as well as the plane in Cambodia as well as the submarine known as the Scorpion in the

Triangular disappear. Later on, in 1968, Eric Dane leads a squad of commandos in

The Cambodian jungles. That they find the ruins of Angkor Kol Ker as well as the mist. That they

try to drive back the creatures in the mist, but every, including the head

Flahertly, is usually taken away except Dane. In our, it starts off on the Female

Gayle, the plane Michelete Technology owns. The head person into it is Ariana

Michelete, the company presidents daughter. They are over Cambodia searching for

likely oil sites or precious stone mines. The pilot sees a strange misting and abruptly

the plane fades of control. They lose contact with hq in California

and presumed down. Patricia Conners is at her office controlling a satellite the moment

she gets a phone call telling her to go over freebie southwest Asia and take photographs of

it with the dish. She does so and looks at them. There is a big black place

in the middle of every one of the photos. Dane works with his dog, Chelsea, finding

captured people in wrecked complexes. They have a sort of link among

themselves. Simply then, Lawrence Freed, a male that works for Michelete Technical.

comes up to him and asks Dane to include him to Calif. for another job. For

first, Dane doesnt when you go, but eventually, he agrees. Once with the

Michelete HQ, he talks with Freed, Paul Michelete, and teacher Beastly, who have

was a specialist on old cultures. They will explained to Dane that they required him

to go into the mist and restore Ariana. After some dialogue, he arranged.

Meanwhile, Ariana and her crew were stirring inside plane. Most except the

pilots and a crewman had caused it to be. But the strange thing about this was the top of

the cockpit was cut clean off and one of the pilots was absent. When they moved into

it, another one of the crew was caught within a yellow laser beam and presented

of the airplane and in the mist. 1 by 1, the team gets wiped out until only

Ariana and three others are remaining. At the same time, the group led by Michelete

arrives at an airport in Cambodia. When they go to grab their guns, Dane

feelings an jump. The others shrug it off and are shocked when they get

ambushed. When they fight off the attackers, each goes to a planes waiting shed

them off into the jungle. This is where they will meet Trouble Fen. Your woman works for Foreman

and explains to Dane his powers and the way to use them. The lady can also communicate

with him telepathically. Patricia Conners continues to be trying to figure out the particular

black location is about all of the photos and why they are having bigger. Your woman gets a

call in the person your woman was supposed to send them to. Its Producen. She tells him

that if the locations grow like they are now, they may cover our planet within two

days. The girl talks him into using a different sort of satellite to look into it.

While it searching for into the darker spot, it had been suddenly ruined without

alert. As Dane and his team lowered into Cambodia, Ariana and the others

observed as one of the yellow-colored beams tapped into the supercomputer onboard. Via

the radios, they stored getting Frein code text messages. The communications were saying to

go to a certain place in the jungle. That they decided to give it a try. They desired to

stop this kind of so that they decided to strike the plane up. They got C4 make it within the

fuel reservoirs, lit the fuse, and ran out in the plane. By then, Danes group had

located some damages. They too had been receiving Frein messages by an unknown supply.

Finally, he revealed his identity. Having been Flahertly. He instructed these to the

same spot the other party was going. Along the way, they located a bunch of our bones.

The hired help, several Canadians, saw this and said they would go no

further. After arguing with them, Separated let them go their own approach. They couldnt

get beyond the boundary before the beings appeared and killed them. Describe the climax

in depth: Dane, Separated, and Beastly reached the purpose Flahertly advised them to get

city of Angkor Kol Ker, just as Ariana and the additional surviving person in the

team, Carpenter, performed. All of a sudden, a black opening appeared in mid atmosphere and

Flahertly came out, not really looking per day older than once Dane acquired last seen him in

1968. He told these people about how there are two pushes in the misting. One was trying

to visit earth and dominate that and the other that was trying to quit it. For

the center of the city was a big framework with a huge yellow beam going out

from your top. Flahertly said that that they had to destroy that to avoid the bad

force via invading. Merely then Flahertly disappears in the black group of friends again

as well as the team is usually left with the challenge of how to destroy the structure. Every one of a

abrupt, Sin Fen contacts Dane and tells him to use a satellite to destroy this.

Conners can be instructed to create a collision course with the core black

spot by Foreman. After a few protest, she does. As the dish gets close, Dane

gets control the settings with his head and guides it for the structure. This

collides and destroys this. Describe the conclusion in detail: Following the structure

is definitely destroyed, the beam disappears and the mists all over the world begin to

shrink. A black group just like the 1 Flahertly came out of appeared by the

team. They each decided to begin and were transported to a metal area. There

they figured out that they can were within the Scorpion. Completely reappeared in the

Bermuda Triangular. After, they each met plan Foreman. He showed them some new

images. They were of a large black sphere. Dane came to the conclusion that

these got through the gates and were getting ready to attack The planet again. Point of

See the point of view the author utilized: Third-person point of view Theme

The theme is that no matter how effective man thinks he is, there are particular

things that he cant understand and hope to control.

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