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Angelou and cisneros gender and electricity essay

Maya Angelou, Malcolm Back button, Sexism, Interpersonal Stigma

Excerpt from Article:

Sandra Cisneros’s brief story “Woman Hollering Creek, ” and “Still I actually Rise, inches a composition by Internet Angelou both equally make transactions about contest, power, and gender in the united states.

Cisneros is a Chicano writer and Cyber Angelou is definitely an African-American author and poet.

Quick Text Summaries: “Woman Hollering Creek” touches on problems like household violence as well as the subjugation of girls. “Still I Rise” commemorates black feminine identity within a culture that may be both racist and sexist.

Although several in the two form and intent, Cisneros’s “Woman Hollering Creek” and Angelou’s “Still I Rise” both uncover the intersections between race, power, and gender in American culture.

Topic Phrase 1: The intersection among gender, contest, and electricity is one of the most salient topics in both equally Cisneros and Angelou, as both write from the point of view of community females.

Focus on Cisneros

Case 1: inch… there isn’t greatly to do besides… to watch the newest telenovela instance and try to replicate the way the women comb their head of hair, wear their particular makeup, inches (p. 220).

Here, the writer shows how women include few strong role models and thus just learn their position in society by male-dominated discourse.

Example 2: “Maximiliano who was said to possess killed his wife… when she emerged at him with a cleaner. I had to shoot, he previously said – she was armed, inch (p. 225).

Cisneros can be uniquely worried about the way patriarchy and sexism can lead to domestic violence.

Focus on Angelou

Example 1: “Does my sassiness upset you? “

To get Angelou, it is necessary for women to become unafraid of being “sassy, inches confident, and sure of themselves.

Example two: “Do you want to see myself broken? Bowed head and lowered eye? “

Right here, the poet uses the question form to antagonize individuals who would believe that women should be subservient, especially women of color.

Theme Sentence 2: Angelou capitalizes on the type of poetry to share empowerment, employing rhythm and rhyme plans, whereas Cisneros employs the short account to encapsulate the systemic problem of misogyny.

Focus on Angelou

Case 1: “Does my sexy upset you? / Will it come as a surprise / That I move like We’ve got gemstones / In the meeting of my thighs? “

The rhyming right here presents a strong musicality that parallels the information of the lines about dance.

Example two: As Higashida (2011) highlights, Angelou’s well-liked success will be based upon her capability to use the

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