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Analyzing punk concert record essay

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Excerpt from Essay:

Jazz live concert was performed by the Fukushi Tainaka Quartet on the sixteenth of 04. The location was the Tiny Jazz Club in Greenwich Village, Nyc. In that strap, Fukushi Tainaka played percussion, Chris Johansen played the tenor saxophone and Marc Devine was on the keyboard while Hide Tanaka played out the striper.

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Background with the Musicians

Fukushi Tainaka’s name is among the ideal jazz performers and the greatest drum participant on an international level. Having been a member from the crew of the illustrious alto saxophonist Lou Donaldson. He features co-worked with several other music artists as well, which includes trumpet tale Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Shaw and Bill Hardman, guitarist Randy Johnston and George Benson, pianist Benny Green, Champian Fulton, Junior Mance and Craig Harris, organist Lonnie Jones, saxophonist Jr . Cook, Arnett Cobb, Jimmy Heath, Kenny Garrett, David “Fathead” Newman, James Moody and Honest Wess. Just about all the sites in Nyc have experienced Fukushi Tainaka’s group; For example , Black Duck, Birdland, Garage, The Blue Be aware, Smoke, Excess fat Cat, The Village Vanguard, Smalls, Body fat Tuesday’s, Fairly sweet Basil and The Village Door. He offers conducted concerts in brighten clubs, concert halls as well as some notable festivals around the globe. (Smalls LIVE, 2016)

When it comes to the saxophonist from the band, Philip Johansen has additionally gained his experience and popularity by performing in Ny, The Netherlands and Seattle (his hometown). Aiming to keep the music from the bop era in, he has received the chance to work with great tales like Frans Elsen, Jay Thomas and so forth He as well toured Ireland and mainland Europe together with the band Equinox. After having moved to New york city in 2014, he features co-worked numerous jazz music groups and regularly with the drummer Fukushi Tainaka.

One other member of this kind of band, Marc Devine, is a pianist music group leader located in New York. He was introduced to great jazz music during his student days and nights in the Hampshire University. He was given lessons by a few legendary teachers: Clark Terry, James Williams and Sophie Fulton. This individual also signed up for the Clark Terry Foreign School of Jazz Music to learn and develop his piano expertise. During his time in that institute, he had the chance to function along with Butch Kilometers, Red Holloway, Jessie Davis as well as Clark simon Terry. He started his individual groups following moving to Austin location, performed in most Austin Brighten locations and soon attained popularity. He performed on the Texas Jazz Festival located in Corpus Christi and had superb success. (Smalls, LIVE, 2016)

Marc features gained reputation for himself as the pianist from your bebop period and he has also performed at the

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