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Analysis with the article the influence of

Brand Management, Exploration

The purpose for selecting the text

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There are lots of reasons that drive me personally to choose this text. First of all, the content of the article is involved with behavioral economics, which can be related to my personal major accounting and financing. I can browse it being a preparation of my subject matter. In addition , I am often interested in economics. This article can show me a few useful and interesting know-how about it. Finally, the article reaches an appropriate dialect level to read and analyze. Might be some words and phrases are demanding for me, nevertheless I can talk about it by simply dictionaries and teacher’s help.

An indication and evaluation from the author’s situation

Author’s viewpoints

Mcdougal wants to inform us the result regarding his check that there is a clear relationship among self-image congruity, social identity and manufacturer preference. And sex, competition, age and other factors may influence the relationship, but some elements cannot be examined because of the limited sample.

What’s more, the author tries to give some guidance to help entrepreneurs and advertisers. They are far better to utilize the effect and look for the brands as their icons which cater for their main custom’s hunger. The author persuades marketers and advertisers to design a special brand which is in line with customers’ identification to attract customers.

The seeks of the conventional paper

The writer writes this information for two seeks. First of all, mcdougal comes up with two hypotheses based upon previous exploration and will try certifying his hypotheses simply by test. Then, she can easily gives all of us a certain conclusion. The various other purpose to publish the paper is that the author wants to offer some recommendations about raising sales to the firms. The girl wants to reveal approaches and contribute to marketing research.

The support proof of the conventional paper

The writer use additional researchers’ opinions to full her experiment and support her opinions.

For instance , the author gets used to some products in customer survey from Hohenstein, Sirgy, Herrmann, Heitmann and also other researchers which can make the result more reliable. Besides, the author uses Schneck, Holman, Okivist and others’ opinions to support her 1st hypothesis and supply the foundation of her second hypothesis.

The author as well provides info and theory to support her opinions.

For example , the writer collects info through questionnaire and conducts the geradlinig regression to assess it. Likewise, she points out results by making use of social personality theory and self-image congruity theory.

My opinion

It seems that author’s views are sensible. But I believe the evidence is definitely not enough. Relating to research technique, the author just surveyed sixty-five participants, a lot of them come from the same place. And so the result can be not trustworthy enough to aid author’s details. In addition , participants finished test online so that we do not find out their frame of mind to it. Maybe that they completed the questionnaire casually.

Pertaining to analyzing the research, the geradlinig regression is useful. But the writer just utilize the simple geradlinig regression which in turn including two variables. It is hard to eliminate various other influence factors and ensure which the result is proper.

Overall, I think I partly concur author’s view and it must be certified simply by more demanding experiments once again.

Additional study

To find more evidence to support author’s opinion, I search for some other articles regarding the relationship between self-identity and brand desire.

Hannele Kauppinen-Räisänen, a co-employee professor in University of Vaasa, explored the relationship among customers and market. The girl wrote an article to testify the relationship between personality and specious company preference, as well discussed whether sex and nationality can affect the affiliation. She came up with several presumptions and surveyed 215 young consumers via Finland, Italia, and Portugal. The result of this kind of study nutritional supplements Morgan A. Ilaw’s thought. Social rules affect luxury brand selections, and more guys than females were discovered to website link luxury brands to self-expression and they way you present your self.

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