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Anabolic steroids psychological effects 1 as well

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anabolic-steroids-psychological-effects-1 / http://thinksteroids./articles/Demonization-anabolic-steroids-01/.

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Summary of the original analysis article

Darkes, Jack. (2000). The emotional effects of anabolic steroids (Part 1).

The Psychological Effects of Anabolic Steroids (Part 1)

Steroids have been one of the most demonized substances in contemporary pharmaceutical scientific research. When reviewed in relationship to football, the most common term which arose was ‘cheating’ in the mass media, reflecting the idea that taking anabolic steroids was a betrayal of fans’ trust. Much has also been discussed so-called ‘roid rage, ‘ or the internal effects of the drugs. Jack Darkes’ content on the internal effects of steroid drugs attempts to provide some rational medical circumstance to the typically heated unsupported claims surrounding the drug. Psychological effects due to heighted testosterone are the most-cited reasons that steroid make use of by everyone else is ‘bad. ‘ Darkes believes that negative psychological case studies are more often the exception as opposed to the rule, even though these exclusions understandably gain more media attention. “There is, however , a lack of interest in stories of AAS users with no marked or clinically relevant individuality change or perhaps psychopathology, seemingly because AAS use, in and of alone, is seen negatively simply by non-users inch (Darkes 2000).

Darkes states that it is the ‘dose that makes the poison’ rather than the reality steroids are inherently bad in associated with themselves. “AAS exhibit a dose-response marriage. In general, bigger doses suggest greater results both for anabolic response (Forbes, 1985) and emotional effects (Pope Katz, 1994), as well as for appealing and undesired effects” about users (Darkes 2000). Likewise, physiologically, not all users will act in response the same way. Different people (male or female) will vary levels of endogenous testosterone. Someone with normally very high testosterone might display unusually aggressive behavior; someone with lower testosterone levels might not.

Preexisting pathologies and internal influences may also impact the response to the drug: it might be that people with aggression concerns are more likely to take steroids in

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