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American legion and additional national head

Excerpt from Resume:



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American Enjambre Auxiliary

Nationwide Headquarters

Primary Candidate Set of questions

Subject: COO Initial Prospect Questionnaire

Candidates Name: Dawn Lindsey

1 . Describe the greatest organization you could have managed:

Firm or software name: The High Podiums Group

Purpose of the organization: International Fuel Supplier, 501c Groundwork National Construction Company, Energy Performance Company

For profit, not for profit, government organization: For Revenue and Non-Profit

Budget size: $400 logistik: $400 mm

Source(s) of funds: Revenue and Donations: Donations and Revenue

Staff size: 35

Number of paid personnel and what levels (i. e. managers, directors, hourly): 15

Number of Unpaid personnel

How long were you manager? For six years

To whom (position) performed you statement? President/owner

installment payments on your Describe your management design.

I incorporate both transformational and servant management methods. I intervened in areas that I was called to serve. I actually helped services recover from weighty debt and increased their particular revenue two fold. In addition , I had been always convenient to help other workers to enhance their abilities. In addition , We started a firm that helped women to develop employment as well as build their own houses.

three or more. What was the toughest managing issue you faced and how did you resolve it?

It is after i was referred to as on to offer guidance to a trust pay for worth $360 million. I was to guide upon all areas of financial administration and legal compliance. I had been also necessary to negotiate results and brings.

I succeeded by mustering courage to face major issues. I had to work, approach past usual hours, just to achieve my own goals. My spouse and i consulted generally, and effectively vouched for writing of solutions with corporations that managed with us.

5. What do you regard or if you primary values? Why are they vital that you you?


Success and honesty will be two sides of the same coin. I been successful in my activities as a head because all the partners and clients We worked and interacted with trusted me. So they will allowed adequate me the operational space.

Commitment to Growth

I usually make efforts to keep learning new things: as learning is known as a life-long method. I keep pace with grow my personal professional abilities and to stay posted on new and important developments. I recently found that if I was to keep my professional designation, I had fashioned to keep learning, exploring and self critiquing.


My personal confidence fires me about. I stay alert or over to new challenges and tasks. I actually keep moving, even in the exceptional cases after i fall. Internet marketing intrinsically determined. I have no need for approval mainly because I always make sure that what I perform is what is ideal. Im aware of my pros and cons and how they will affect other folks. I identify what I may

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