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Although us citizens perceived express destiny

a benevolent activity, it was in fact an intense imperialism pursued of an price of others.

Actually James K. Polk just wanted terrain south of Texas plus the land of California with no war. With the beginning of immigrants deciding in the United States, American natural lives was to grow and that was what Polk set out to do. Polk was standing on a plank and said it was obvious and undeniable that the U.

S had a right to the land of Oregon and Texas. Polk, who passed down a close over Texas when Congress annexed Arizona, was considering the nationwide interest and not his own.

Polk provided 25 U. S. , 000, 000 dollars intended for the property that our country wanted and needed in order that we could grow the United States. Polk gave South america its probability to comply and recognize the ample offer, although Mexico did not accept.

The last vacation resort he wanted to push was war with Mexico and it shows this by simply Polk steering clear of a war with The united kingdom over all in the land of Oregon throughout the same period. Polk experienced no choice but battle. Mexico refused the twenty-five U. S. million dollars and as well while paying the 13 U. T.

million dollars they owed in American failures and damages. His final measure was right now reality when he had to order General Zachary Taylor great men to consider defense about Texans Rio Grande Lake.

General The singer was just on the other side with the river by Mexico, fulfilling their orders, when Mexico made the decision to go over the Rio Importante and cause the blood shed of 18 Americans on American area. Polk stated, not stand all our efforts to avoid this, exists by the act of Mexico himself. This intolerable behavior of Mexico led Polk to request Congress agreement on going to war with Mexico.

Ex – Dictator Santa claus Ana who had been in Tanque said Polk could get in to Mexico through Americas blockading squadron.

Santa Choix was really doublecrossing Polk by looking into making him sell his country. Instead Polk gained land in the warfare. As soon as possible Polk tried to generate a compromise for serenity with peacefulness. The only way Polk could attain his goal of tranquility was by giving Mexico 10 U. S i9000. thousand dollars upfront partly of a one particular U.

H. million dollar peacefulness agreement. Instead Mexico utilized our peace money to help them in the warfare. Polk was fruited.

When Mexico even now had a govt, a tranquility treaty was encouraged and was rapidly made. It had been called the Guadeloupe Altruista Peace Contract.

The usa received north West of the Rio Avismal, plus A bunch of states for 12-15 U. S i9000. million us dollars. Polk was a giving and nice person and felt bad for not giving twenty-five U. S. million dollars for the land the U.

S was today going to pay only 15 U. S. million dollars intended for. In return, Polk convinced Our elected representatives to shell out the 3 U. S. million dollars towards the American citizens pertaining to Mexicos financial debt toward the U.


Through all this hoopla, Polk demonstrated his is going to for peace and area for the excellent of all. His contribution of expanding the United States by 50 percent is evidently shown as being loyal to the U. T. Polks effort and commitment through this kind of war identifies Polk like a true American Citizen..

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