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A visit to a mosque essay

I have already been a member from the Catholic House of worship my entire life. Though I have often taken the perfect time to reflect on my personal faith, hardly ever once include I built an attempt to learn a religion apart from my own. Lately, I moved outside of my own comfort zone and was fortunate enough to visit a mosque. A mosque is known as a place of praise for supporters of Islam, or individual who is Muslim. There are a great number of services I really could have frequented to experience a fresh religion, every single with their very own identity.

The main reason I ultimately chose to check out a mosque is because Muslims believe that all life begins and ends with God, as do I actually.

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However , contrary to Catholics, the Islamic faith does not imagine Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, neither that he was crucified within the cross. My personal goal was going to gain a better understanding of the beliefs Catholics and Muslims share, how they differ, and why. The knowledge was relaxing, and I truly feel as though We left the mosque with solid answers to my own questions, and a new prospect on my own beliefs.

The mosque I actually visited, called the Mosque Foundation, is located in Bridgeview, The state of illinois. Although there will be mosques shorter in distance from my home, I used to be told the ability would prove to be better with this particular mosque.

When initial walking in, I observed many persons gathered in the hallways browsing and speaking with one another. After having a short time, the women proceeded straight down stairs plus the men slept upstairs nearby the main access. One female was thoughtful enough to explain to me the actions of the doj taking place. Males and females separate to engage in Salat, or perhaps prayer. For the reason that prayer ritual requires adding one’s forehead to the ground, shoes will be removed and placed on shelves. Every woman was dressed slightly and put on a veil/scarf covering their hair.

While many people are aware that Muslim women use this clothing on their minds, perhaps precisely what is not known is that this is a spiritual practice. Many Muslims consider God needs the hair being covered, as this is stated in the Qu’ran (what Muslims consider to be His final book). I sitting on a chair in the to watch the group of girls prays. I recently came across there were a handful of girls seated on ergonomic chairs in the again as well, away from group. It had been explained to me that Muslim girls who have are menstruating are not authorized to engage in prayer, because they are considered to be unclean.

In order to practice traditional salat, one has to be in a point out of ritual chastity. The salat itself is very important to Muslims because it is one of many Five Support beams of Islam. The Five Pillars of Islam will be five fundamental acts which can be mandatory of Muslims and are considered to be the building blocks of Muslim life. The pillars will be as follows; 1 . Shahadah- proclaiming there is no Goodness except Goodness, and Muhammad is God’s messenger. installment payments on your Salat-a routine prayer done five times each day. 3. Sawm- fasting and self-control during Ramadan. 5. Zakat- providing 2 .

five per cent of one’s savings to the poor. 5. Hajj- Pilgrimage to the Mecca at least one time in life time if they is able to do this. The Muslim faith pray five times per day. The actual salat consists of a group of movements referred to as Rakat. Verses are go through aloud with a man on the loudspeaker as well as the movements are made. The movements, or various areas of the Rakat consist of bowing low with all the hands on the knees, lowering oneself for the ground with all the forehead and sitting while using feet flattened under the body. The actual prayer lasts for lower than ten mins.

When the women and men were completed praying, I had developed a chance to take a moment with the Vorbeter, the one whom lead the worship service. The Imam’s name was Khalid. Khalid welcomed me into his office and talked with me at night for over 1 hour about Islam. He recognized I was from the Catholic beliefs, thus virtually all our chat was spent discussing the differences between us. What I collected from Khalid is that Muslims believe in a single God, who created almost all, and nothing is worthy of worship except Him. Our entire purpose through this life is to serve him.

Muslims perform love and venerate Christ only as being a prophet and a messenger, not as the Son of God. They just do not feel Christ was slain on the cross. According to Khalid, Christ was sent to the people of Israel to bring back a religious connection with God. This is 1 very significant way Catholics differ from Muslims, because not only to we think God provided the world Christ as His son, although we likewise worship Christ and hope to him. Catholics likewise believe Jane to be the Mother of The almighty. Muslims do believe Jane did without a doubt give birth to Christ, though your woman was a virgin mobile.

The Vorbeter was very adamant about the fact that Muslims will not judge other folks, nor impose their philosophy upon other folks. They do even so feel that Vorbeter is the correct and only approach one should live, and those that do not practice the right way will probably be sent to hell. Those who tend not to live while God desired us to, especially those that have been shown how and switched their again, will be penalized. I asked how the Muslim trust feels about the ones that were by no means shown the pattern of God-perhaps a tribe of some sort hardly ever connecting with all the outside world- how does The almighty treat these people? I questioned how could they know if they were under no circumstances taught?

The answer I received was basic. The Muslims leave all those type of inquiries to God, since He is aware the answer-but they do believe that He will treat them quite. The dialogue I had with Khalid acquired me wondering my own destiny. Certainly, I have been shown the way in which. Even though I actually am Catholic, I ” like the Muslim faith- feel as though the purpose is usually to serve The almighty. This is what He wants us to do and why this individual put all of us here. My personal visit to the mosque helped me realize that it is time to make a choice how I provide God. I believe giving little attention and thanks to Goodness is not good enough.

Khalid exposed my eyes if he said “those who switched their backside will be reprimanded.  I might never change my back, but I really do need to make some small , and achievable becomes feel proper again with the Lord. I respect how loyal enthusiasts of Islam are. Even with the world changing rapidly, the apathetic frame of mind people have about religion, technology, temptation, and so forth, the Muslim faith is usually stronger than ever, now the greatest religion in the world. The reason they devote their particular lives to Islam is really because they are particular they will be rewarded. Perhaps we could all study something from visiting a mosque when in our lives.


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