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Theories the behavioral theory integrates term

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Strategies used in this kind of application might include thrilling the students frist by, informing them of the fresh information and what it could consist of, second, presenting to the students some kind of stimuli that would generate a efficiency from every person.

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The instructor and other learners could supply feedback regarding the specific performance, and will therefore reinforce the learning method, ie; maneuver the information from the short-term memory space to the long lasting memory.

The humanistic theory takes a different approach than both the cognitive and the behavioral theories. The humanistic perspective is on the self, it is you, your perception of the experiences.

Trusting in the humanistic theory implies that your actions are freely chosen by you, rather than reacting to any environmental stimuli (behavior theory) or perhaps reinforcers. The focus of the humanistic theory is working with issues of self-esteem and self-fulfillment and also to facilitate the individual’s personal development.

Abraham Maslow, an avowed humanistic theorist, feels that people have particular needs that may be met within a hierarchical vogue, starting with the best and moving to the top.

He claims that everyone has basic requires that must be fulfilled along with safety, appreciate, belonging and achievement. He admits that that in the end we all as individuals must have the need of self-actualization met most of all.

In order to facilitate that self-actualization in the classroom, the teacher must assist students in satisfying his/her standard needs and help the student in realizing a feeling of fulfillment and self-worth to be able to effectively teach in the classroom environment.

Many education experts believe that the humanistic approach seems to emphasize the ‘natural desire’ of everyone to find out.

The experts also say that the teachers give up a lot of control they have in the classroom when looking to little one’s ‘natural desire. Maslow keeps that learners learn when you are ’empowered’ through having control over the learning method. Implementing this approach into the class room setting will be a difficult effort in most instances, in addition to an attempt (in this case) to teach mathematics to the masses instead of the intrinsically motivated students would be even more complicated, since the kids in this case will be rather young, and small students are not necessarily praised for being determined learners.

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