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Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety Essay

Criteria three or more. 2 and 3. three or more In order to satisfy Criteria a few. 2 and 3. several, complete the table to explain the importance of providing some risk within the play. |Why is it vital that you provide challenging activities for |How will certainly this support the children developmental needs? | |children? | | |Challenging activities is vital to development because it |Activities help to support children in personal, sociable and | |contributes to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional |emotional development. |well-being of children. | | |Outdoor activities help children to get a sense of competence and |Building strength, self-confidence, concentration, and | |competency skills.

They try ascending, running; throwing and they |coordination. | |feel they can undertake it, which in turn increases their self-confidence | | |level. Even though they are playing any video game and they succeed the game, | | |it helps in expanding the successful spirit. It’s a best way to | | |boost their self-esteem as well. | | |Physical activity offers mental and social health benefits and |Activities helps children to inspire Speech and Language | |active youngsters are likely to experience more confident, cheerful, relaxed|Development | |and have the ability to sleep better.

It also helps in healthy expansion and| | |development from the cardio respiratory system as well as our bones and| | |muscles of youngsters. | | |Creative actions support children n learning the world |Its developing healthier social interaction, thinking, intellectual, | |around them. Let them have the opportunity and tools they need to |and psychological skills. |grow and learn. Expose them to persons, plants and animals and | | |show them how to action and reply to different objects in their | | |environment. Allow them to research and check out their | | |surroundings in a safe manner. | |

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