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Strife monologue from the play by steve galsworth

A monologue from the enjoy by David Galsworthy

TAKE NOTE: This monologue is reprinted from Turmoil and Other Plays. Ruben Galsworthy. Arlington: Black Box Press, 08.

ANTHONY: We have been made the subject of an strike. I consider it on my shoulders. I am seventy-six years old. I have already been Chairman of the Company since its inception two-and-thirty years ago. I possess seen it pass through very good and evil report. My personal connection with that began back in that this child was born. I possess had do to with men intended for fifty years, I\ve constantly stood up to them, I’ve never recently been beaten however. I have struggled the men of the Company four times, and 4 times I have beaten them. It has been declared I are not the person I was. However that may be, I am man enough to stand to my firearms. The men have already been treated justly, they have got fair income, we have always been ready to listen to complaints. It is said that instances have changed, if they may have, I have not changed with them. None will I. It has been said that professionals and males are the same! Cant! Presently there can only be one learn in a residence! Where two men fulfill the better gentleman will regulation.

It has been stated that Capital and Labour have the same interests. Cant! Their interests are because wide asunder as the poles. It is said that the Board is only part of a machine. Cannot! We are the machine, its minds and sinews, it is for us to lead also to determine what shall be done, and to do it devoid of fear or favour. Anxiety about the men! Anxiety about the shareholders! Fear of our shadows! Prior to I am like that, I really hope to perish. There is only 1 way of dealing with men”with the iron palm. This 1 / 2 and half business, the half and half good manners of this generation, has brought this all upon all of us. Sentiment and softness, and what this young man, without a doubt, would call up his interpersonal policy. You can\t take in cake and still have it! This middle-class feeling, or socialism, or whatsoever it may be, is rotten. Masters are masters, men will be men! Deliver one demand, and they will generate it half a dozen. They are like Oliver Angle, asking for even more. If I had been in their place I should end up being the same. Nevertheless I am not in their place. Indicate my words: one great morning, when you have given approach here, and given method there”you will see you have parted with the ground through your feet, and therefore are deep inside the bog of bankruptcy, and with you, floundering in that bog, will be the incredibly men you may have given way to. I’ve been accused to be a domineering tyrant, thinking only of my pride”I am thinking of the future of the us, threatened with all the black waters of misunderstandings, threatened with mob federal government, threatened using what I cannot observe. If simply by any perform of acquire I help to bring this kind of on all of us, I should be ashamed to appear my fellows in the face.

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