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Personal strategic program essay

We. Vision Assertion:

10 years from i plan to be in an upwardly mobile organization career.

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II. Value Proposition:

I actually am the toughest working consumer among all additional candidates due to my professionalism and motivation.



I have been conntacting the public for the last seven years through my own job as a bartender. Through this job I have become very cozy when conversing with strangers and making them feel at ease when they discuss.


Although I connect well when ever addressing smaller sized groups of people I am not as well versed at formal speaking.

Most times when offering speeches I am inclined to start boosting through my own topic one particular because I actually am worried and second because In search of to get through this.


Technology is changing the process of trying to get a job. This trend makes it easier for people to compete for jobs outside of their physical environment, meaning more job opportunities. A person living here in the usa can actually be employed by a business located overseas.


In the same way that technology allows bring even more job possibilities it also has its unfavorable affects. It was once that you will be competing for one job with just a few candidates now with the advancements in technology you are in such a way competing with other applicants globally.

IV. Goals/ Strategies

Desired goals:

I intend to get into a great internship plan later come early july or subsequent summer. There are many companies offering internships to school students. There are numerous benefits when you participate in an internship system. It gives you a look into what precisely happens at work. Along with experience it also offers you your first shot to exhibit a potential employer what skills you can bring to a company. Sometimes if you win over the company you intern for they will offer you a career after you graduate. These things are why engaging as an intern is very beneficial. Interning is a great approach to get your job started before you even graduate.


There are many businesses that offer to truly to USI students. I plan to create a meeting with Phillip Parker the Representative of Career Services and Placement to go over the different possibilities available. He can always mailing business pupils e-mails about internships that can come his approach. As of now my busy school and time-table has not allowed me the essential free time to participate in an internship. Ideally he will help me get in touch with the firms that will be offering internships soon.


One of the main trends which will affect not just me nevertheless everyone in some way is technology. When you consider technology you need to think that it is always adapting, and continues to generate everything that that ties in to more efficient. In the commercial world it makes things easier from many stand items. Technology is used in communications, marketing, and management. In communication it will help people talk globally immediately. A business person here in america can have a online video conference call up with their lovers in China and tiawan. This makes conducting business globally fewer of a burden. Technology also affects the marketing area of organization.

There are so many methods to market items through the distinct venues that technology has established. Facebook is an excellent example of one of the primary social networks that can come in to play when you talk about businesses branching out in new marketing campaigns. Using householder’s public users company may by advertising space on Facebook and also now waste money on marketing outside right now there demographic. Finally technology in addition has changed the way businesses can manage and supervise the things which are going on in their business. A business manager in charge of an easy food restaurant can see the majority of the things that are happening inside their business simply by logging onto some type of computer. They can consider the amount of money they may be spending in labor and compare that to the amount of the restaurant’s sales. This can help the business world keep an eye on more of the day to day aspects of their business.

Although technology is incredibly helpful in the business world it also positions many dangers to the organization person’s careers. If you think about the facets of communication a person could have a job throughout the United States and become primarily does his job on a pc for example a web designer. Right now let’s say there exists a web designer in Japan that can do the same things founder here in america can carry out but at a cheaper cost. Company of the wordpress website designer could simply start providing work to the designer in Japan. Can make the job market here in the United States global. Folks are now rivalling for jobs not only nationally but globally. So this can be described as definite menace.

Technology is likewise creates a risk when it makes things more efficient. When you consider the cafe manager coming from earlier who also could take a look at all of the eating places he oversees, how long will you thinks his job will be safe. Technology will sooner or later make this so easy well for someone to manage multiple aspects of the organization that his job may just become a part of another persons’. So technology maybe perfect for us at this point, but you also have to worry about technology becoming to efficient and making it hard for the typical business person to find or retain their job. Technology can be very helpful to a place, but when it becomes as well advanced it then becomes a risk.

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