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Multicultural counseling presenting issues the

Ethnic Identity, Family members Counseling, Counselling Psychology, Self Identity

Excerpt from Term Paper:

Multicultural Counseling

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Presenting Concerns

The presenting issues confirmed by the client include self-identity and self-esteem issues. Particularly the client is apparently confused about which will culture the lady belongs to and which ideals and manners are ‘acceptable. ‘ Your customer may be referred to as having a ‘dual identity’ which in turn she is trying to reconcile until she can be comfortable both equally with her American house and her traditional Chinese traditional family.

The subject has difficulty blending together her Asian background with her American surroundings. Furthermore the patient is having a hard time making up the very unattached manner in which she was raised, that did not enable close bonds to form among her and her daddy and mother. There is data to suggest that Sally was going to some extent physically abused by her mom, and while your woman presents a rather submissive frame of mind at home, the individual she reveals to her good friends is described as ‘gregarious and outgoing. ‘ This may be more the result of cultural differences that exist between Sally’s family history (Chinese) and the American culture program she is increased in.

In addition there are most often issues with Sally’s father who may be having trouble reconciling his own id issues having moved to the States and losing his status as being a ‘revered’ chemist because of ethnic and vocabulary barriers. His own ‘shame’ or unhappiness at his position may possibly have affected the girl in many ways, including triggering identity dilemma for her. The customer seems to have a really distant marriage with her father, and from the case study it appears that your customer is having difficulty living the ‘demur’ or traditional part of woman with her family coupled with her outgoing and usually takes charge function that the lady enjoys once interacting with individuals outside of the family environment.

Sally seems to want to come to a place in which she can easily accept right after that exist among her family’s beliefs and her personal beliefs. Now it is not obvious that she wants to choose ‘one or maybe the other’ perspective but rather searching for to combination both in a way that is comfy and acceptable.

Counseling Goals

The desired goals of guidance will help Sally to identify her true individuality and sense of home, and get back together any challenges she is having with getting both Hard anodized cookware and American. The purpose is to help Sally find an ‘identity’ that happily blends her Chinese culture with her American upbringing. In addition Sally will have to figure out how to become more comfortable with her dual cultural and even more understanding of the differences in her upbringing that resulted by her father and mother varying experience.

From a cultural framework, Sally grew up in a very traditional Chinese relatives, where hitting for example , is actually a more satisfactory form of willpower that it is in the usa. In addition , inside the culture that Sally’s friends and family was raised, it can be more satisfactory for woman members of the family to do something in a more demur manner, which is not the case with females staying brought up in the us.

Thus the counseling desired goals will also consist of helping the consumer to get back together these dissimilarities so that your woman may be even more at ease together with the differences, and decide on an appropriate balance involving the two, one which is appropriate for her. Sally needs to determine what intervention will result in the perfect outcome for her regardless of parent or familial influences.

Course Treatment as well as Cultural Framework

Within the guidance arena it is vital to accept that advisors are often susceptible to

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