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Mattel and the toy recalls case study

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This is because during this period the company acquired used a yellow pigment paint which usually contained substantial levels of lead. Another product that was discovered to contain large levels of lead was the Sarge cars fresh paint. The product was manufactured by Early Light Professional Company pertaining to Mattel. The corporation was situated in Hong Kong, but the products were manufactured in China. Initially it absolutely was estimated the corporation had produced around two hundred fifty, 000 Sarge cars.

Strategies to the problems

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To ensure that the magnets used on the Polly Pocket or purse play sets did not arrive loose, Mattel had to strengthen the magnets instead of gluing them. The reinforcement included locking the magnets inside the toys. Simply by locking the magnets in the toys, Mattel ensured the fact that magnets is not going to come loose when the youngsters are playing with them. To ensure this rule is usually enforced constantly Mattel will need to come up with strict manufacturing techniques, which will test all the products produced by it distributors before the products are unveiled for sale. Call to mind of the perform sets may have sorted the actual initial trouble, but there are other reviews of loose magnets about products distributed before the call to mind dates. These types of shows there have been major failures in the production process in the first place. Correcting this kind of manufacturing process by setting up strict rules will ensure products manufactured to get the U. S. market meet the important standards with the market.

The lead fresh paint that utilized by Lee Der had been sourced by a company that was not approved by Mattel, which in turn required Shelter Der to try each set of fresh paint before it was used on these products. Lee Welcher failed to perform this test, which resulted in its use even though it had high levels of business lead. The lengthy supply chain that Mattel had of its sellers was largely the cause of this recall. Permitting its principal vendors to work with small firms for the manufacture of its products caused it to be difficult intended for Mattel to directly take care of the supply string. The solution to the lead issue is breaking down the complex source chain of China. Making certain the principal sellers do not deal smaller companies for the availability of it is toys will allow Mattel to manage better its products quality and safety criteria.


The recall from the products should be used for both problems to ensure that the children aren’t affected by the manufacturing flaws. For the lead paint, Mattel should certainly conduct frequent audits of its approved paint suppliers. This will make certain that all the color used on the toys contains the permissible amount of lead. Having strict suggestions for manufacturing will guarantee Mattel that the products manufactured off-shore meet the company’s standard of quality and safety. This solution can be applied to equally loose magnets and increased amounts of business lead. Mattel also need to increase the quantity of test that conducts on its products. Tests everything and not just specific products ensures the corporation products won’t have to be remembered again.

Interacting regularly using its manufacturing plants in China will that the plants adhere to the set regulations and the items meet the industry’s mission statement.

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