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Interview with lennart kuster ceo of cryptohawk ag


Show me a little bit with regards to your background and how you will ended up selecting your discipline.

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Once i was a little boy, I was previously interested in technology. It was basically exciting to determine how you can boost things with technical means. Since 2014 I have been focusing intensively upon Cryptocurrencies as well as the decentralized economic system. We would now call myself a great enthusiast from this sector. Since I understood how great the potential is, it was clear to my opinion in which area I wanted to generate my contribution.

What made you take the step into entrepreneurship?

Primarily it was the urge for flexibility, independence as well as the possibility to show my thought into reality. Already by a young age group I had the strong aspire to become a business person in order to make our planet a little bit more progressive. In addition , I am incredibly fortunate to have a team of really great persons and professionals in the many diverse areas around me personally, who support me at decisions and a human level. As I often say: “You’re stronger together”.

How do you separate yourself via others within your field?

Personally, I do believe my fellow workers and personnel could response this issue the best. However , I would identify myself like a calm, encouraged and reliable personality who also always tries to achieve the very best result. Yes, I was a little perfectionist but this is one of the reasons why I was different from many more: ).

The thing that was the biggest blunder you built and what did one does to learn coming from it?

It’s enough to look at the course of the bitcoin. Initially described as a short-term bubble and bullied and teased by professionals, one could at this point buy a little car first Bitcoin. Of course you’re usually smarter in retrospect, yet I’d claim not to take part in it with regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchains is among the biggest errors. One should generally see faults as part of an individual learning process.

We are going into an era where everyone is thinking about multiple profits streams. How exactly does one decide on a business to pursue?

This question cannot be responded easily. It is often difficult to pick the best path. People have different priorities and ways to make decisions. In principle, I would often rely on future-oriented and long term working devices, like to try out different things till you have discovered the right one. But of course I also see early on financing campaigns, as we are currently doing, like a positive and lucrative opportunity.

How do you believe technology is going to affect the method we conduct business 10 years by now?

Bearing in mind the large technical progress we have manufactured over the last 10 years, I think all of us still have a lot of great things you can do. The world is now increasingly digital, innovative and faster. My spouse and i am convinced that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could be an essential a part of our prevalent future. It will have major within many areas, one of which is the way we pay. But since I explained before, we could only at the outset of something large.

What is your organization all about?

We offer the world’s 1st all-in-one remedy for cryptocurrencies. The CryptoHawk AG combines everything that is pertinent for the client. This includes an exchange service, payment provider, credit cards and ATMs. Particularly in the sensitive monetary sector all of us rely on transparency, seriousness and absolute stability as a uniform solution. Our bodies aims to manage everything in one place. This kind of simplifies a large number of processes and gives the customer a great optimal insight into all his activities. We could currently in the financing stage in order to take the development technique of our system to advertise as quickly as possible. So you currently have the likelihood to invest in CryptoHawk.

How can you end up being reached if perhaps someone is usually interested in your products or services?

We are pumped up about every get in touch with and investment interested people! You are welcome to call us via email-based, social media or just via the chat on each of our homepage. You will additionally find more information tentang kami in our whitepaper https://www. cryptohawk. com

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