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How field hockey taught myself hard work and


Practical: how basketball taught me personally hard work and discipline

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Particular purpose: work can help accomplish anything

Thesis statement through basketball We learned how to work hard and discipline myself to achieve my own goals is obviously

My passion for the basketball started out when I was in my second year of high

school, hockey not only helped me grow nevertheless also educated me a large amount of things that we use in my

everyday life.

My passion intended for the game started out during my recently of middle school, although

despite trying out for the middle school team I was not chosen to be a part of it.

Though this

was of great letdown to me, that did not prevent me by my love with the game. It made me

more driven and determined to work hard throughout the summer prior to entering secondary school to

ensure that I was able to try-out to get the high school freshman team. I practiced morning

midday and nighttime in 90 degree heat, refining my taken and exercising to

improve my own skills. This

hard work paid back, when I was chosen to be a part of the freshman team and i also have continuing to

work hard during my high school graduation years to be an asset to the varsity crew.

I feel certain this connection with being a part of the high school golf ball team features

helped me become successful in my academic life. Being part of a staff has instilled in myself the

duties and work ethic that carries over into other areas of my life and I feel certain

this will always be extremely valuable in my foreseeable future endeavors at the University. And also more

precisely on hard work, there is a saying that “hard operate beats skill, when skill fails to job

hard.  I believe this kind of because to my opinion it means that no matter how good you are if you do not work

hard, your talent is absolutely nothing. If Michael Jordan had not supported working hard in that case he would

not need been anywhere near as nice as he is today. You do not only need to work hard in sports

in their classroom, and lifestyle in general. Working hard in the classroom will give you many

positive aspects later in life. Like that you can get in a good school, and get yourself a

good job later in life.

In all this encounter, the greatest issue I study is that diligence pays off

Although the above encounter and achievement of being decided to be a part of a team has

contributed and shaped the individual I am today.


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