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Do we know the purpose intended for our existence

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Living in the world where data corruption and crimes have become the traditions of the persons and especially among the leaders has been the system build by the authorities who promises that they are practicing democracy.

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These people have taken the huge part of the public home as though their their history from their forefathers. The injustice and inequality of the persons before the legislation has induced lots of pains in the life of the residents of a democratic country.

The system build by persons in order to make the world better spot to live in. However, what is strange of this strategy is that it will not bring out the very best in the your life of the citizens. It has become a rout intended for playing mediocrity and your life of smallness which is not the intent from the creator of man.

This system features eaten deep in the lives of bulk living in our world today. It has become the changeless system and until now people are still caged up in this product. Giving all their precious lives to mediocrity, living listed below their truth, making their particular lives made an appearance as though this dependent in life of certain set of people.

The only inside our society you will be required to spend a particular amount of money for you to be employed in a particular office, it is only inside the society like ours that students are forced to give directly into gender mementos just to get people approval.

You will be required to play some dirty video games before you are regarded as qualified and worthy of a specific office.

All these things make me want to ask, Is this what God created us to be doing? Does this lifestyle meet up with the standard that was set up when ever God is creating this wonderful world? The reason we are not educated to live up to our common in life?

Perhaps its the fault of the individuals surviving in our world today because as you dont know the dimensions of the purpose for your existence, knowledge will tell you to search for the purpose. However the reverse may be the case of majority of the world population. Consequently the reason for so many victims of circumstances, mental conditioning and manipulations.

Many have grown to be a sufferer of fear. One thing about me that is and still keeping me can be my inquisitiveness. It has saved me a whole lot from learning to be a victim of lifes conditions. I think everyone should also always be. Ask powerful questions about you.

How then can we live up to the conventional set up by simply our producer?

We must provide the answers towards the above inquiries if only and if we wants to live up the standard set up by The almighty. Going by this ground data, it appears therefore clear that individuals need help. There may be need for specific to figure out this is of your life and how to live it better.

The program set up by the government features bitten a lot more than it can chew. We must not really remain in this kind of mess, it is time to come out of mediocrity, it is time to believe outside group of friends, it is time that you can bring out the power in you. Its time for you to get back to each of our original goal for your creation in this world. I want to use our brain. The time for correct and important reasoning regarding our presence in life. Let us come out of wrong behavior.

Our originator is wanting so much from us, you have to stop awaiting the government to see you that you are qualified to get productive. Commence becoming effective, live away from limitations. Its about time stop living by the regular set up at this time world, although let your head be altered by the continuous renewal of your mind.

This is very possible through signing up for self-discovery and development applications where you find what you have in you. And just how you can live a new your life in this world. If you possibly can spend your cash and time to study to get so long in order that one gentleman can tell you that you are competent for life, then you should be willing to spend small thing required of you to discover, develop and deploy your total potential in life.

Anything is enough pertaining to the sensible. Even the Scriptures said that their the duty from the prophets to complete their work preach, in order that the people will perform theirs as well.

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